for FASD/Prenatal Alcohol Exposure


One of the most frequent questions I am asked in my workshops, trainings, Caregiver Kickstart! Program and in the private FASD Caregiver Success Facebook Group is about medications:

• Is there a medication for FASD? 
• What medications are individuals taking? 
• How does this medication work compared to this other medication? 

Until now, there was no "one answer"
Well, even now there is still not one answer – BUT, I do have SOME answers for you.

In 2015, at the request of the Family Advisory Council, the Canada FASD Research Network began to question medications. As many of you have no doubt experienced, individuals were being prescribed medications without any knowledge of the effectiveness or side effects for an individual with prenatal alcohol exposure.

Doctors by their very nature, want to help. They want to provide medication if it is safe and if it is helpful. So, Dr. Mansfield Mela began to assemble an International panel of experts to discuss FASD and medications.

They realized individuals with FASD were being prescribed medication at 2 – 3 x the rate as the general population – so they spent the next two years pouring over all the published information and sharing their experiences in order to create a step by step approach to assist clinicians.

And that was how the world’s FIRST Psychotropic Medication Algorithm for FASD/Prenatal Alcohol Exposure was created. 

During this video, you will learn:

  • What exactly is a medication algorithm and what can it do?

  • Who is Dr. Mela and how did he and his panel develop this algorithm?

  • Why, despite putting together a medication algorithm, does he say:

    “Medication is not the answer. It is an adjunct.”

  • How environmental influences play a part in treatment plans.

Dr. Mela will review each section of the algorithm step by step, discuss in-depth details of each cluster of symptoms and explain the process between each step.

You will even gain inside knowledge on what the general guiding principles and protocols are that clinicians use when reviewing algorithms and prescribing medications.



So, what does this all mean? 

Factual and scientific information that will be your ace in the hole when you are presenting the Psychotropic Medication Algorithm to your health care provider and advocating for your loved one/client.


Get Involved!

Help Dr. Mela and his team share this groundbreaking algorithm with other prescribers, practitioners and doctors. All you need to do is ask your health team to take part in a quick survey about their experience in using the algorithm. The more people that use the algorithm and evaluate it, means better, more specific and well researched information and guidelines regarding FASD/PAE and medication. 

What an amazing step forward in finding apporpriate treatments for individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder  



Thank You!