Unlock the Path to Peace: Mastering Aggression in FASD

Jeff Noble, an FASD advocate, educator, and former foster parent deeply immersed in the FASD community.  

His journey began with personal encounters with FASD, propelling him to dedicate his life to FASD education and support. With formal training from the Toronto Children's Aid Child Welfare Institute and a rich global experience, he's developed a unique perspective on managing FASD challenges, especially aggression.

Barb Clark has made her fair share of mistakes and lived to tell the tale.  Now, she's on a mission to help others steer clear of those same missteps.

She's a mother of five, with her oldest being diagnosed with FASD. She's not just your everyday parent, though. Barb's an international trainer, and Lead Coach at FASD Success.  With her extensive experience, she's dedicated to enhancing the education and lives of individuals who faced prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol.

 Are you navigating the challenging waters of FASD and aggression within your family? Feel like you're walking on eggshells, anticipating the next outburst? 

You are not alone.

Our FASD and Aggression Masterclass is designed specifically for caregivers like you who are seeking not just to survive, but to thrive in these demanding circumstances. You want more than a quick fix. You want lasting change—a path forward where aggression doesn't define your days.
Walking in your shoes, both in the trenches and alongside families for over a decade, we understand deeply not just the challenges you face but the dreams you hold for a life where aggression no longer casts a shadow over your family's happiness.
You’re exhausted, feeling the weight of every outburst that ripples through your home. Watching siblings grow wary, the partnership with your spouse is stretched thin, and extended family drift away—it's heart-wrenching.


The stress is palpable, stealing your sleep, your calm, and your sanity. You yearn for days filled with laughter and understanding, not dominated by the next crisis. 

This isn't about managing aggression;
it's about reclaiming the family life you all deserve.

This understanding fuels our mission to transform 
our shared reality. 

Reclaim Your Family Life Now!

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Jump into our
Aggression Masterclass

An in-depth, online training with Jeff and Barb,
where they get real about turning the chaos of FASD aggression into moments of calm and connection. 

  • This is for FASD caregivers who want to feel equipped and confident in their ability to manage and understand their loved one's aggressive behavior.  

  • You need strategies to prevent episodes before they occur, ensure the safety of all family members, and foster a supportive, peaceful home environment. 

  • You just want a balanced relationship for both you and your loved ones with FASD.

This isn't just any training—it's your lifeline,
packed with down-to-earth advice and real-world tactics from folks who've lived it. 

During the Masterclass… 

We'll tackle everything from spotting the warning signs to keeping cool in the heat of the moment, practical steps, with a touch of humor, and heaps of understanding—and these are all science-based and real-world tested.

Handling Aggression in
Various Settings:

Many caregivers expressed concern about aggression at home, in school, and in public settings. This includes managing aggression towards siblings, parents, and school staff.

Understanding and
Identifying Triggers:

There is a clear need for strategies to identify what triggers aggressive episodes in children with FASD to prevent these episodes before they occur.

Safety and Coping Strategies for Caregivers:

Caregivers are seeking advice on how to ensure their own safety and the safety of other family members, as well as how to cope with the emotional toll of managing aggression.

You will also get a copy of the FASD and Aggression Masterclass Learning Guide

Enhance your journey through the FASD and Aggression Masterclass with our essential learning guide. This guide is your roadmap, packed with:

  • Integrated Workbook: Includes the slides within, helping you track key points alongside insightful exercises. 
  • Questions for thought: Reflect on what you’re learning and how it applies to your experience.
  • Actionable steps: Turn insights into real-world strategies.

It's designed to make your learning personal, deep, and practical. Dive in, engage, and transform your understanding and approach to FASD and aggression. Perfect for anyone looking to get the most out of the masterclass!

Plus, you'll also receive a copy of the masterclass replay, ensuring you have every tool at your disposal to master your approach to FASD and aggression.

The FASD Aggression Masterclass gives you go-to strategies to:

  • prevent meltdowns before they occur, 

  • ensure the safety of all family members, 

  • foster a supportive, peaceful home environment.

Date: March 6th

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm ET

A pivotal evening on Zoom that will change everything. 

Tickets: $47

Ticket Perks: Secure your spot and gain invaluable tools - live access on Zoom, plus the replay for endless revisits. You also get the and FASD Aggression Learning Guide. Perfect for those moments of need!

Can't join live? When you buy a ticket you get the recording. Dive into the materials at your pace, ensuring no one misses out.

A Rare Opportunity: We don’t offer this Masterclass often, this is your chance to get the most up-to-date strategies to deal with aggression now! 

Let's make this a turning point towards a more peaceful and understanding household. Don't let this unique chance slip by!

Ticket Sales Close at 4pm ET on March 6

Your investment is $47. 

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  • Lifetime Access 

  • Recording of the Masterclass

  • Audio recording: Just like a podcast!

  • Transcript: Print it off and take notes!

  • Learning Guide: An interactive guide so you can follow along, take notes in real-time and create your own action steps!

What if I can’t attend Live?

You're juggling the responsibilities of caregiving, work, and personal life, we get it. You will get the recording so you can watch it in small chunks when you have time. This ensures you don’t miss out on all the strategies.

I'm busy, is this really worth my time?


  • Save Time: The strategies you'll learn in this Masterclass are designed to help you manage aggression more effectively, which can save you time in the long run. By reducing the frequency and intensity of aggressive episodes, you'll find more time for the things that matter most to you and your family.
  • Improve Quality Family Time: By participating in this Masterclass, you're not just investing in strategies; you're investing in the quality of time you spend with your loved one. The tools and understanding you gain can help transform challenging moments into opportunities for connection and growth, making your time together more peaceful and fulfilling.

What if I've tried everything and nothing has worked?

 Our strategies are born from the very realization that conventional approaches often fall short. The Aggression Masterclass focuses on understanding the root causes of aggression in FASD. It offers new perspectives and tools that have made significant differences in homes just like yours. 

Do I receive Continuing Education Credits for this Masterclass?

Every participant will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate acknowledges your commitment to learning and can be a valuable addition to your professional development portfolio. We do not offer Continuing Education Credits due to the diverse regulations across states, provinces, and countries.  

Imagine investing just $47 in a single evening that has the potential to revolutionize your approach to FASD aggression—equipping you with strategies that last a lifetime.

For less than what you might spend on a therapy session, you gain concrete tools that are rooted in reality, not just theory. 

This isn't another expense; it's an investment in your family's future well-being. It's an opportunity to trade the cost of uncertainty for a roadmap to peace and confidence.

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Join us in the Aggression Masterclass and equip yourself with the tools to navigate FASD aggression effectively and change your family's life. 

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You have access to the downloadable recording, transcripts and audio version of the Masterclass.

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