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A few notes about the Caregiver Kick Start! Program: 


I’m going to get straight to the point because time is tight…

So this is the deal being a parent or caregiver to an individual on the spectrum is hard and uncertain...

It can be a frustrating and lonely journey...with little hope. 

If you're an adoptive or a foster parent, or if you're a kinship or a biological, or if you're an aunt or an uncle, anyone who is parenting or caring for an individual with're gonna wanna listen up because it is very clear that if we’re going to create a positive future... we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

I know some of you watching that is who have felt like you have tried everything and nothing has might find yourself afraid, feeling like it will never get better...but there is a way forward. 

We know what works. We know way more now about Fetal Alcohol than we ever did at any point in history. We know parents and caregivers who have better days at home, hope for the future, and are now creating real relationships.

They are doing so because they're getting education and support without judgment


And it’s all backed by research and understanding...the FASD community of practices is what they call it...It has been my framework for the caregiver kickstart coaching program since 2010.

That means there has never been a better and more urgent time to get the right FASD training and coaching...or to refresh and enhance the training you might have already received in the past.

So here's the deal...

I get it. You're exhausted, you're frustrated and scared, and you want things to be better. You’ve often felt like a a bad parent, a bad person.

The truth is you've been doing this for a long time with no real support.  I'm here to help make things better.

I want to give you a deeper understanding of FASD so that you can have more good days at home and school by giving you the info, insight, and strategies you need to master the day.

For the past 10 years, I've been helping parents and caregivers achieve peace of mind and success....It was way back in 2012 when I released the very first version of my caregiver kickstart coaching program. 

Since then, My students have gone on and gotten amazing results. They've now collectively achieved everything from no aggression for a whole year...all the way to watching their kids graduate from high school and then transitioning into happy, successful adults.

Now since you're watching this video, I assume that you've been through my free caregiver kickstart workshop...and I don't need to convince you of why the CKS training works.

But after coaching for so long, I know the questions that people tend to have, and that's what this video is all about.

You might wonder whether your situation might be a good fit for my coaching program, or maybe you're just starting out and you're looking for some guidance. You might be wondering, where do I even begin?

You might be an adoptive or foster parent who feels they've tried everything, and nothing works, so you're tired of failing.

You're tired of feeling alone. You feel desperate.

You might be a parent that is trying to get the right accommodations for your loved ones at school. And when you go to these meetings, all you do is freeze and you run into roadblocks, and you leave the meeting feeling worse than you did when you entered.

You might be a parent who hasn't received a diagnosis yet. The signs and symptoms are all there and you just don't know what to do next.
Or you might be a parent with years of training and experience, and you're at the end of your rope,

You're looking for the latest information and to talk to others who share the same hardships and experiences.

You want to get better, you're eager to find strategies that work, and you're wondering if the caregiver kickstart coaching program is right for you.

The thing is, the CKS fits in every one of those scenarios, and if you wanna see how I'm gonna invite you to check out some of the fantastic case studies. In our Facebook group or case studies page.

Well, there is no possible way you can fail, get behind, or become overwhelmed with this program. Let me repeat that. There is no way you can fall behind or fail.

Now, let me be clear- This isn't a quick fix... It takes work. But it's a proven program

So by now you might be wondering… how does this actually work? How does this coaching program actually get you results? What’s involved in the program?

Well first off, this is a full-out coaching program that includes online training, coaching calls, and an amazing community to support you.

I’ve been perfecting the process for the last 10 years… and we’ve got you covered. We’re going to take you step-by-step through the FASD fundamentals… and then way beyond.

I’ve broken up the training into individual modules where I will walk you through all the steps to go from not knowing anything about the disability to coming out the other end. Being an FASD all star, it's all set!

So we release a module every month, and there are six modules in total.

However, if you have a scheduling issue or life gets crazy, you can always work at your own pace and take in the information later.

The program is designed to meet you where you're at and to get you moving forward as quickly as your life allows, or that you're emotionally ready for at the time. 

Now, if you're just starting out, you can be moving forward and getting results before you even finish the coaching program. You can return later for some of the more advanced stuff when ready.

I can't stress enough how this is a go at your own pace, and after the program is over, you'll still have access to the training, so you'll be able to go back over the material as many times as. You'll have the program available to the next, for the next few years, and you can go through the training as often as you like.

Now, in those six modules, we'll cover all the strategies and tactics you'll use to create more peace at home and... to get ready for those IEPs and accommodation meetings.

You'll be able to recognize and stop meltdowns before they happen. You'll have the right words to say in a meeting that will not only convey that you should be taken seriously, but your recommendations will not only be noted... but acted upon.

But how do you get extended family on board? How do you get a doctor to understand and take you seriously and refer you to the right program or therapy? How do you stop fighting between siblings? How do you get others to see that you're not a helicopter parent and not allowing your loved one to manipulate or take advantage of you?

How do you calm yourself down when you want to go into mama bear mode? How do you calm your kid down when they're in a full-blown rage? How do I get my spouse to know they're making things worse? How do I not engage when I know I shouldn't? How do I get my loved one on the spectrum to understand their own disability?

Will my child live with me for so long that I’ll never get my life back?

How do I get them to accept help? How do I keep them safe? How do I transition them into adulthood? Who will take care of my loved one when I pass on? Well, we'll cover all of that in the caregiver kickstart coaching program. Okay. That's just some of the stuff we'll show you in the six modules, but this just scratches the surface.

Here's the bottom line: We're going to cover everything about FASD, and you're going to come out the other end a different person, a better person, a better parent, a better spouse.

In other words, you'll have all the latest FASD information and a plan to move forward. I want to take you beyond just a plan and right into action.

 And then comes the part that takes the CKS to an entirely different level: our live coaching calls. These are deep dive calls where my expert coaches and I are going to get on a call with you and the other caregiver kickstart members, and we will answer all of your questions and we'll walk you through, uh, trouble that you're having step by step.

 We'll have weekly calls for the entire six months. This is where we'll give you strategies and keep you from losing your sanity. Frankly, this is where we're at our best. We're unscripted, and we're answering everything from newbie questions to the ultra-advanced stuff. These calls are awesome.

We have a lot of fun and get an amazing amount of work done.

And if you can't make the live calls, they're all recorded and available whenever you want them, and we cover so much ground in these calls. You can go back into and listen to them over and over and over.

Finally, we’ll welcome you into the CKS communities Private Facebook Group-

This is where you can connect with our other members, our mentors, where you can ask questions, get feedback... feel connected, and where you can go to not feel judged this is a parent oasis where you can celebrate your victories or get an encouraging word when you need it.

Bottom line.. you are never alone.

I'm sure you've heard many of my folks in our case studies talk about the incredible support they get from the community.

The community is a big source of pride and joy for me… and it will be an amazing resource for you. There’s just no substitute for having hundreds of people supporting you in your journey – people who have already been down the path you’re starting.

 So by now you’re probably thinking that this sounds pretty cool…

But we’re just getting started…

I thought about how I could make this offer even better. And I came up with a list of powerful bonuses that will make CKS completely irresistible.

The first bonus is ACCESS TO THE VAULT - I'm going to give you my massive collection of resources. These are free to for you to take.

These are free resources and you can use them right away. I'm talking about some of my favorite videos and resources and tools from all around the internet that we've collected and curated and sourced for your use.

It's a library of information that has been useful for other caregivers in your situation. The information isn't theory, it's real-life tested information. It's proven, and it works. The bottom line is that you're going to get an amazing amount of material that you can use in your life.

You no longer have to look or search for infographics or articles, chances are we’ll have it in THE VAULT.
OK… next up… the SECOND over-the-top bonus for you is Two Tickets to THE CAREGIVER KICK START LIVE 

CKS Live is a full-blown two-day live workshop. It is a super high-value, high-energy live event led personally by me. It's me coaching you and hundreds of others through the process for two days.

It's gonna be a fantastic workshop. It's not just some multi-speaker seminar with a bunch of different unrelated talks. This is an implementation workshop where I'm gonna be on stage for nearly the entire event, leading you through developing your post-program plan from the beginning to end.

Our goal is to do this live in Orlando in the spring of 2023. This will be our first in-person event since the start of the pandemic.
I can not wait to see you face to face to give you a high 5 and a hug!

 We're still finally finalizing dates, but the bottom line is it'll all be live. If can’t come to see us in person, we’ll be offering a live-streaming version.

I'm going to be selling these tickets to the general public for 225 bucks. When you register for the Caregiver Kick Start you’ll get 2 tickets on the house.

Your third bonus is our Caregiver Kick Start Study GroupIf you learn best by learning with others, this bonus is pure gold.  

I know you are busy or independent study is not your thing. So we created a study group that will meet once a month and go through the latest learning modules with one of our coaches. We’ll have dates and times all laid out so show up and learn, and laugh. You can also ask our coaches questions in real-time.

Your fourth bonus is called HOW TO FACILITATE LIKE A PRO. How to Create an Impactful Presentation that will make people listen, laugh, and understand their way to becoming FASD Informed. This one is all about creating a moving presentation that could be used at your local school board or all the way to major conferences. 

I’m even going to take this to another level, my team and I are going to drop an expansion to this bonus. We’re calling it FASD INC. We’ll give you a step-by-step way to start your FASD consulting business. Think of it as a Train the Trainers ON STEROIDS 

Teach you how to get hired to speak at conferences and events... there are even opportunities to become one of our community partners. 

I’ve been leading the way for the past 10 years so I’m going to help you bypass all of those mistakes I made. There is nothing better than delivering solid education and watching the lightbulbs of other parents and professionals go off.

And don’t worry-we’ll go over mental hurdles as well. Like imposter syndrome and even... your fear of speaking in front of people.

I've been teaching both in-person and digital workshops and training all around the world. From Australia to New Zealand, to Hawaii to Spain. I've been from coast to coast in North America. I'm going to teach you how to put together a powerful presentation that is uniquely yours and how to structure it so that you'll have people on the edge of their seats.

We’ll have it all covered.

Does this all sound pretty cool?

Well, I know this is a pretty sweet offer already… but I added one more bonus… and this one is all about one of your fastest paths to FASD SUCCESS.

This bonus is ASK AN EXPERT EXPERIENCE. 12 additional coaching calls with some of the best FASD Experts in the field. This includes Dr. Mansfield Mela, who helped create the very first medication algorithm. Mike and Kristen Berry who will be speaking about FASD and attachment and how to build better relationships. Dr Catherine Leble will be speaking about how the FASD brain grows. 

And we can't forget Dr. Jackie Pei who is one of the head researchers for The Canada FASD Research Network. Dr. Pei will be chatting to us about her brand new intervention model. We'll tackle IEP'S with Mark Courtepatte and speak to adults on the spectrum. They are the real experts. I've chosen these people in particular because their value and insight into the disability are second to none. Our full list of experts will be presented in your class schedule.  

So if this feels like a fantastic offer – it is.

And if it feels like I’m working hard to enroll you, I am!

I’m trying to enroll you in YOURSELF. I’m trying to enroll you in a vision of a bigger future for yourself… a future with more peace.

A future where you can have the confidence- the utter belief that you’ve got what it takes to help your loved one with Fetal Alcohol stay safe and become productive adults.

So by now, you’re probably wondering how much The Caregiver Kick Start Coaching Program costs.

Well, the reality is that CKS is an investment… an investment in yourself and your future.

It's about giving you hope for the future. A future you and your family deserve.

Of course, ALL investments have risks.

Except for this one.

There are a few ways this investment can go for you. Here's the first scenario.

You put The Caregiver Kickstart Coaching program to work, and you start creating better days, right? In that case, you're probably going to need a calculator to figure out your return on investment. 

Of course, a second scenario could go like this: you just don't do anything with the material, or you get distracted, or it's just not your thing. That’s OK. I get it.

In this case, just take advantage of my 30-day guarantee, and send my team an email and we'll get you a refund right away. No harm, no hard feelings.

Now I don't know about you, but after watching the financial markets over the last few years, I sure wish I had some investments with THOSE kinds of options.

So to get started, the investment is $997 to reserve your spot (or just $199 today if you take the payment option).

With the payment option, it’s just $199 down, and then five additional payments of $199… spaced 30 days apart.

Remember, your investment is covered by my full iron-clad guarantee – you have a full 30 days… from the start of the course on the 22nd to see if the program is right for you.

If you decide that's it, just let us know, and we'll gladly refund your money. No hassles.

So go ahead and click the button below and join me in the Caregiver Kick Start Coaching Program


Now, just to lock this in as your best-ever investment... I’ve got one more extra bonus for you.

This one is called “BRING A BUDDY BONUS”. This bonus means -You can bring anyone that is in your circle of influence on your team, your spouse, a friend, a professional, or anyone that you might work with or live with.

Someone who is involved in your child's day to day life and can have an impact on your family. One of the fastest ways to succeed is to have someone on your team. Well, now this person on your team gets the same access to the training as you do, complete with their own login, and they can show up for the coaching calls.

If you don't have someone to bring immediately, you can always add them later. I can't wait to see what you do once you get the full Caregiver Kick Start experience. Think of it as a BOGO! 

So go ahead and click the button below the video and join me in The Caregiver Kick Start Coaching Program.


And there’s one last thing that I need to mention...

This is a limited-time offer.

This works just like a college class – and the class starts next week.

So registration closes Friday, November 18th at midnight Pacific U.S. time.  

After that we’ll close down registration and start the class. Our first coaching call is next week.

If you want to get in, you need to act quickly… because the registration window is closing soon.

This is the deal. The world is changing so quickly right now. But at this very moment, online coaching and community are doing better than ever … especially online training, coaching, and FASD education.

It makes so much sense that online education has become the new normal.

And that means there’s never been a better time to start getting things back on track.

So come join me in The Caregiver Kick Start FASD Coaching Program and let’s get you that support… click the link below.


Any results on these pages are not typical. You are not guaranteed any specific outcomes ... as every person, personality, and disability are unique and different. This isn't about a quick fix - we believe in hard work and showing up and serving your family.