#016 Understanding FASD and Aggression with Dr. Mansfield Mela

fasd success show Apr 14, 2020

Dr. Mansfield Mela is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Saskatchewan. His clinical practice is out of the Forensic Outpatient Clinic at University of Saskatchewan and the Forensic Inpatients Services at Regional Psychiatric Center, Saskatoon.

His interest in FASD began with a desire to better understand and assist his clients, who he felt at the time were not co-operating with completing homework assignments. After discussing his frustration with a colleague he realized it was the manifestation of symptoms of Fetal Alcohol - which led him on a path of greater understanding.

Dr. Mela drops mega information bombs in this podcast about FASD and aggression that will leave you informed and ready to diffuse frustration and aggression in your household.

He also provides excellent insights on the current pandemic, and what it means for caregivers and individuals with FASD. He reminds us despite the uncertainty:

This is our opportunity to load up on

compassion and gratitude.

In addition, you will learn:

  • What aggression is, what is happening in the brain and types of aggression;
  • Biological and behavioural reasons for aggression;
  • Brain Domains that are more susceptible;
  • What lifestyle components can trigger frustration  and aggression; and
  • Specific strategies and support you can implement today.

He tells us:

We need to look at aggression in the context of the brain’s ability.

We cannot hold someone accountable for something they can’t help.





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