Level Up Your FASD Advocacy with Alicia Munn


 Alicia Munn opens up about her transformative journey in the world of FASD caregiving. She shares her powerful story, filled with both the highs and lows, offering invaluable insights for fellow caregivers. Alicia's experience navigating the complexities of FASD, combined with her dedication and innovative strategies, serves as an inspiration to all.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover:

  • Alicia's path from frustration in her previous job to becoming an FASD pioneer.
  • The challenges she faced working in various environments and how she overcame them.
  • Practical strategies Alicia implemented to support her child and others with FASD.
  • How Alicia’s unwavering determination led to success stories in caregiving.

We also touch on:

  • The victories and growth Alicia has witnessed through her perseverance and support network.
  • The significance of community and how it has been pivotal in Alicia’s caregiving journey.
  • Practical advice on managing daily...
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HOPE SHREDS: Strumming Through the Struggles with Demi!


Do you find yourself asking, "Does it get any better? Who will take care of them when I'm not here? It's the thought that keeps many of us up at night. But let me tell you, there's light ahead, and it's shining brightly in the stories of individuals like Demi Forsyth. 

In today’s episode, Demi doesn't hold back. She's living proof that the journey with FASD is as much about the wins as it is about the challenges. She’s here to share her personal playbook on how she's navigated the path to independence, handled life's sharp turns, and found her footing when things seemed off-balance. 

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover: 

  • Demi’s approach to forging her own path and what it signals for young adults with FASD. 
  • Insights into Demi’s strategies for adapting to life's shifts, from new living environments to dealing with loss. 
  • Demi’s tried-and-true techniques for managing her finances, offering a blueprint...
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