Does Choline really help?

fasd success show May 26, 2024

Join us for an insightful and inspiring episode of The #FetalAlcoholSyndrome(FASD) Success Show. I'm your host, Jeff Noble, and in Episode #156, we welcome Dr. Jeffrey Wozniak and Dr. Blake Gimbel to discuss the latest in FASD research, focusing on choline and brain imaging studies.

In this episode, Dr. Wozniak and Dr. Gimbel provide updates on their groundbreaking follow-up study on the effects of choline in children with prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE). They delve into how choline can help optimize brain development and share the promising results from their initial studies.

Tune in to learn about:

  • Choline's Role in Brain Development: Discover how choline supplementation can aid in memory and cognitive development in children with PAE and why early intervention is key.

  • Long-Term Study Findings: Dr. Wozniak discusses the lasting impacts observed in children years after the initial choline study, highlighting improvements in nonverbal intelligence and memory.

  • Brain Imaging Insights: Dr. Gimbel explains their innovative brain imaging study, revealing how differences in brain structure correlate with cognitive and executive function challenges in youth with FASD.

  • New Research Opportunities: Learn about their latest study using a novel web-based brain assessment tool, BRAIN-online, aimed at making diagnostic assessments more accessible and efficient.

Whether you're a seasoned caregiver or new to the journey, this episode offers practical advice, cutting-edge research, and hopeful insights into managing and understanding FASD.

Show Notes:

  • Participate in the Brain-Online Study: If you have a child aged 8 to 16 with a history of prenatal alcohol exposure or a diagnosis of FASD, you can help advance this crucial research. Learn more and sign up here.

  • Explore the role of choline in brain development and the implications of early intervention.

  • Understand how brain imaging can reveal structural differences that impact cognitive functions in children with FASD.

  • Discover the benefits of the BRAIN-online assessment tool and how it aims to improve diagnostic accessibility.

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