#005 Tamra Cajo: A Diagnosis with Mindfulness in Mind

fasd success show Jan 19, 2020
Meet Tamra Cajo - the FASD Clinical Director at The Florida Center for Early Childhood (FCEC). The FCEC is the ONLY FASD diagnostic clinic in the whole state of Florida.

This week, Jeff talks to Tamra about pretty much EVERYTHING, including:

  • Tamra's own learning curve and FASD journey since becoming Clinical Director at FCEC
  • The steps a family goes through when getting assessed for FASD at her clinic
  • Why a good assessment can be more important than the diagnosis itself
  • The benefits of community and why it's SO important to connect
  • How to calm your "Monkey Brain" to help you through caregiver "self-talk" sabotage


Show Notes:

The Florida Center

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