#006 FASD Parent and Peer Mentor Jody Jordan

fasd success show Jan 27, 2020
From struggling parent with three children on the spectrum to FASD mentor to 80 families.  Jody is a truth cannon who tells it like it is including her own struggles with anxiety and fear of the future as her kids grow older and start to transition into adulthood.  

Jody is a parent to three beautiful children, all affected with FASD, ages 14, 16 and 18.

She began working as a caregiver mentor six years ago with Wood’s Homes and continues today mentoring and supporting caregivers to feel successful in caregiving those affected with FASD.

She is also a facilitator for the MAPS Partnership caregiver networking support group for caregivers supporting those affected with FASD.

The past two and a half years, she has been an active executive board member for the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network.

Her hobbies include involvement in the local farm animal rescues and owner at Pig Tale Acres where pet pigs are trained as therapy animals.

Show Notes:

If you're in the Calgary area and wish to inquire about the family mentor program, visit: Wood Homes 




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