#008 Mother Daughter Duo Yvonne and Nicole talk FASD

fasd success show Feb 28, 2020

Settle in for a double feature to hear mom Yvonne and her daughter Nicole talk about their ups and downs on their FASD journey. What a treat this is to hear the FASD experience from their different perspectives.


Yvonne relates her journey from the first moment she saw a seven year old girl in pig tails to how their lives have unfolded and her own education and growth as an FASD caregiver.

She candidly shares strategies and tips as well as the significant challenges they faced not only as a family but also that she experienced as a single mom raising a daughter in a small rural town that didn't understand or accommodate the disability and how that affected them both through the years. Her best advice for caregivers: Don't dwell in the future. Be present now.

With Nicole transitioning to an adult, Yvonne can now offer hope for caregivers through her advocacy, blog and speaking engagements.

Picture courtesy of Pete Fisher (Today's Northumberland)

Nicole is a 22 year old adult with FASD who shares her story growing up with FASD, getting a standing ovation and meeting the Prime Minister of Canada. She shares tips for caregivers, including her best advice: Believe in your kids so they will believe in themselves!

I think you will enjoy this double feature. There is so much to their story, you just have to listen!

Show notes:

Website: Our Sacred Breath

Facebook: @allaboutfasd

Twitter: @oursacredbreath

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(Nicole donates a % to an FASD charity)

Booking information if you'd like one or both to speak: [email protected]



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