#015 Understanding and Managing Anxiety with Michael Harris

fasd success show Apr 10, 2020


Michael Harris is an active speaker regionally and nationally, a foster parent to a young man on the Spectrum and creator of the FASD Elephant™ podcast and website. Michael graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Psychology and received an MA in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development.


I know this surreal and weird situation has got you and your children's anxiety jacked up to 10. Anxiety is scary and can be a crippling factor for your family's stability. It doesn't have to be!
You don't have to come out and say it, I know you're dealing with it. So, in this episode of the podcast, I enlist the help of my friend and super psychologist, Michael Harris to help you not only UNDERSTAND ANXIETY but how to actually name it and get it under control, so you can be the ROCK STAR parent I know you can be.

You will learn:

  • What anxiety is.
  • The six types of anxiety.

  • A two-step plan for getting off the anxiety loop.

  • The greatest protective factor for combating caregiver anxiety.

In addition, Michael shares some of his learning to let go as a foster parent to a young man with FASD. We also talk about ideas to lower your anxiety so you can support your child’s learning at home, the importance of self-care and how/where to find time for it.

"We have to bring ourselves into a stable state. Remember: Progress not Perfection! Some people are loving this time - most parents want  connection with their children. This is the perfect time to do that."

Following his advice to focus on what you can control and pare those things down into "bite-sized" chunks, you should find confidence in your parenting again through this pandemic.

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