#019 The Eighth Sense with Lisa Brownstone

fasd success show May 05, 2020

I am excited to bring this podcast episode to you as Lisa has been a champion of mine ever since I first met her while speaking in Saskatchewan. Not only does Lisa share her professional experience as a (now retired) Occupational Therapist, a member of the Board of Directors of Canada FASD Research Network, but she has also raised two individuals on the Spectrum and is currently raising a grandchild.

Her experience raising her two children – with nine years apart – is an example of how far our understanding of FASD has come. From the comment  “my he is a busy boy” and no diagnosis until age 15 for her son, so no services and supports, to a diagnosis in grade 2 for her daughter and the resulting supports and accommodations for her. She also discusses her own growth as a parent and inter-dependence for success for individuals on the Spectrum.

We also discuss:

  • Tips and strategies she used raising her children and grandchild 
  • Regression is “normal” especially in times of stress or uncertainty
  • How all areas of the body – and relating senses – are affected by prenatal alcohol exposure
  • The seven senses we know, and what the eighth sense is and why understanding it is important for FASD
  • Why getting an OT assessment is important (you learn what’s ok and not ok to ‘demand’ from your child) and what you can do at home if you can’t get one:  “It’s lots of work, but you can definitely start building up your own sensory diet for your child.”

In the last part of the podcast Lisa answers questions from our Closed Facebook Group which you won’t want to miss.  She also relates her best advice to parents and caregivers. Lots of useful information packed in this one!

Show Notes:

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Buying Sensory Equipment

The inspired Treehouse:





Pocket Full of Therapy


Southpaw Enterprises




Sensory Activities:


Books and courses:

Zones of Regulation


How Does Your Engine Run – Alert Program series

The Sensory Connection Program

Living Sensationally: Understanding Your Senses by Winnie Dunn
– available through Amazon Books

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