#023 Barb Clark talks FASD, Rages and Trauma Informed Care

fasd success show May 31, 2020


Today we dive deep into an area that takes a lot of soul searching, but sometimes is necessary to preserve relationships and the family: residential care and group homes. We talk with a caregiver not only on the front lines of parenting an individual with FASD and trauma – but in the midst of the riots in Minnesota: Barb Clark is a Parent Support and Training Specialist with the North American Council on Adoptable Children, FASD Consultant and parent of four adopted children, including one with FASD.

Barb and her husband went from trying to teach the FASD out of their daughter:

We thought we were these amazing strict parents.
Once the cloud cover of trauma cleared, and the constant fog of trauma was lifted, we were able to have a better relationship with her.

In this podcast we unpack the journey between these two points:

  • How most professionals told Barb she was paranoid and how bad advice made things worse;
  • What parenting fails and early strategies she used before becoming FASD and trauma informed;
  • The escalation of behaviour that led to the heart wrenching decision to place her daughter in a residential treatment program and eventually a group home;
  • The initial guilt and grief that turned into a deeper relationship with her daughter, as she thrives in a highly structured and secure environment that is not possible in a family home; and
  • How her daughter’s rage in the car turned into a conversation with another individual on the Spectrum which led to the best article on rages I’ve ever read. (And we share it with you).

If they are not judging you, you are not parenting these kids right.

You’ll definitely want to hear Barb’s unique parenting perspective, but also her reflections on:

  • what she wished she would have been told early on about FASD;
  • the most effective intervention and therapy for individuals on the Spectrum; and
  • her best advice for other caregivers and her hope for her daughter’s future.

Barb not only has a deeply moving story that will be familiar to caregivers, but we talk about how her passion for helping others really shines through in not only her work at NACAC but as an FASD Consultant.

 Show Notes:

Got Rage Article

 North American Council on Adoptable Children

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