#025 Jodee Kulp: The 40 Year Parenting Plan

fasd success show Jun 15, 2020

Jodee Kulp’s journey is a familiar one. Adopting a child with undiagnosed Prenatal Alcohol Exposure from a system that just did not get it. She was told: “Love her, she will probably come through.” Professionals did not get it. They still don’t.

But what sets her apart from other caregivers that have been guests on this podcast series is how she gets it. And we will get to that. But first, we talk:  

Life with Liz: How nothing seemed to calm her down, but instinctively Jodee knew what to do. Recognizing her brilliance and the importance of focusing on strengths. How despite challenges, addiction, and life-threatening illnesses, Liz continues to share her journey to provide hope to others and instill understanding in professionals. 

Life as a Caregiver: Jodee talks about isolation as an FASD caregiver. Her own incredible story of being given a 5% chance of survival. How she created a life that allows her to use her talents, yet remain available for Liz.  

 I love my brain. I love how it works I love how it moves back and forth.
And what it does. And how it thinks. And how it puts things together. 

Life as an Author and Advocate: We review an incredible professional journey of not only writing books by herself, with her daughter and others but also her FASD advocacy. The how and why, with R.J. Formanek, she created the Red Shoes Rock Movement. 

There is so much more in this podcast. Jodee provides lots of pearls of wisdom. Oh, and that thing that she had that has helped her throughout her life, without knowing it was helping her? We talk about how she was a bridge for years between professionals and adults on the Spectrum but recently stepped out publicly into her truth. And despite her fear, the bridge did not break – it was strengthened. And it opened a bridge for others to cross. 

Show Notes: 

Novel – Award Winner Best USA Young Adult Fiction 



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