#027 Paula Schuck Shares Tips for Teens and FASD 

fasd success show Jun 28, 2020


I read a fantastic article by a caregiver of an individual on the Spectrum and thought … mmm, who wrote this?  I discovered it was none other than Paula Schuck, freelancer, social media guru, and blogger – but also a parent in our private FASD Success Caregiver Group.  I immediately knew I had to bring her on the podcast to share her fantastic tips on parenting a teen with FASD.  

Success looks different for our guys. For our families. Every single day.  

Paula shares her journey – parenting two girls - one with FASD and one without and how she knew the younger one, who was always on the go, super sensory sensitive and hard to transition, just wasn’t like her sister. We also touch on:  

  • The necessity of adjusting parenting style at every developmental stage and age.   
  • Comparisons to Amelia Bedelia and the need to be a translator for her daughter.  
  • Her best advocacy, parenting and survival tips, and number one resource for caregivers. and 
  • How she keeps her cool when she is told to shut up for 40th time.   

We also spend time talking about her daughter’s strengths and how she has handled the pandemic with all her anchors ripped away. And her own aha moment observing her daughter as she adjusted to online learning.   

The amount of effort that they put into so many things is so much greater than other kids.   

I wish everybody saw that, recognized it, and valued it.   

Paula continues to modify her environment and adapt her caregiving style as her daughter grows.  She's got great advice for you!

Show Notes: 

CBC article:   Our Daughter Has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - Here's What It Looks Like

Blog: Thrifty Mommas Tips





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