#031 Annette Kunzman - A Moth to a Flame or Helping Teens Transition 

fasd success show Jul 26, 2020


Annette Kunzman co-founded FASD Network of Southern California in 2010 and was integral in establishing it as a non-profit organization in 2014. She has served as Secretary and Treasurer and currently as President. Annette holds a Master’s in Management degree from Northwestern University and received her undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska. She was certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst in 1988.  


Following a long career in commercial lending and investment management, Annette retired in 2006 to focus full-time on raising her young sons with Fetal Alcohol. In 2019, Annette was named to the California Department of Education’s Student Mental Health Policy Workgroup by State Superintendent Tony Thurmond.  

We know caregivers spend years knowing their child is struggling, but not getting the support or appropriate diagnosis they need. Annette is no different. She poignantly shares her story of her sons’ early years but more importantly, many will be interested in her journey of how she shared their diagnosis with them, the timeline of their gradual acceptance and transition to adulthood. 

In this podcast, we also touch on: 

  • The lengths her family went to and the grief and loss experienced, in setting their boys up for success.
  • Accommodations and strategies, she and her husband have and still do provide for their adult sons.
  • Advice for caregivers just beginning, or early in their journey.
  • Why and how she set up the FASD Network of Southern California.

I have so much to be grateful for. The hardest part is they are both so lonely. They don’t have friends.

And while Annette may feel her sons are lonely, she and her husband are still there when needed. You will hear how each son is carving his way into the world and finding connections. A mother never stops worrying. Despite some turbulent times, Annette and her husband continue to be a haven for their sons.

This was a neat update for me as I stayed with her family during a talking tour of the States. If you are looking for some great advice and insight into transitioning, please check out this emotional but heartwarming podcast. 

Show Notes:  

Email: [email protected]  

Cell: (310) 717-9763

Web: FASD Network of Southern California

Mail:  FASD Network of Southern California 

 P.O. Box 595, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267 


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