#039 Claire Mafranc from Struggling Single Mom to Successful with a Vision 

fasd success show Sep 21, 2020


Are you a single mom, or even feel like a single mom – alone, isolated, without close family or friends? Wondering if life as a caregiver with an individual with FASD is going to be a constant state of chaos and confusion? It doesn’t have to be that way. Take it from today’s guest, Claire Mafranc. She was where you might be right now, and you could be where she is right now. 

Claire is a single mom to two teenagers, both with different needs, but one with FASD. She felt alone, isolated and had no one to discuss strategies, solutions, or decompress with. She was overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and relying on consequences and behaviour modification. Until she found our online community and the Caregiver Kick Start program. We talk about what that was like for her, including how she: 

  • overcame her nervousness to become an involved participant and the benefits she received; 
  • went from wanting to fix her daughter to understanding and implementing accommodations to support her daughter; and 
  • went from letting professionals tell her there was “nothing to be done” to advocating for and receiving services. 

I am the one that made the changes. The physical environment, but I changed how I interact and react.

Claire did all the things she was supposed to do. She got a diagnosis. She researched and read up on FASD. Joined free online groups. But she needed to take that extra step. To become part of a community that would take her caregiving to the next level by providing specific strategies and the support she was missing as a single mom with few supports. Clair went from wondering how her daughter will survive to how can I coach her to live her best life. 

This podcast is a testament to the Caregiver Kickstart, but it also provides some tips, strategies, and suggestions if you are where Claire was. She has a vision for her future, and I hope you will be inspired. 


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