#047 The FASD Project: Uncovering an Epidemic in a Pandemic

fasd success show Dec 13, 2020


Have you heard the reports of the increases in alcohol consumption during this pandemic, including a significant increase in women’s intake and frequency?

A group of advocates in the United States had been talking about ways to raise FASD awareness, and these news stories nudged them to take immediate action. So much so that they undertook a cross-country journey in the mid-western United States in the middle of a pandemic to film The FASD Project. 

We continue to come across no understanding of FASD. The ball has inched forward, it’s just time to move it forward more quickly & robustly. – Gigi Davidson 

I talk to two members of the Project in today’s podcast: Gigi Davidson, Executive Producer and President of FASD Communities and Justin Shepherd, Director/Filmmaker. We talk about the statistics which was the catalyst for this Project as well as why Justin, who with his brother jumped in an RV, dubbed The Rust Bucket, in the middle of a pandemic to interview a cross-section of professionals, front line workers, caregivers and individuals with FASD. You will also gain insight into: 

  • the three main goals of the initial phase and the dual purpose of the project; 
  • their thoughts on why FASD has only inched forward in the last 50 years; and 
  • the individuals interviewed and their impact on Justin and the Crew. 

The difference will change when we hit that critical mass and that comes from a grassroots level. Your voices have been there. The film is the catalyst – I am hoping to build an amplifier – a megaphone. – Justin Shepherd 

Documentaries can be game-changers in raising awareness of issues. Let’s hope The FASD Project does become the catalyst for a renewed effort. As Justin said, whether you know it or not, you likely know someone with FASD. This film will bring the statistics and the stories right into people’s living rooms. 

The road trip may be over, but you can still get involved by donating or sharing your story in a social media campaign. You can get all the details by visiting their website (see Show Notes). Let me know what you think of The FASD Project and if you are going to get involved. 

Show Notes:

Website: The FASD Project

Donate: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/the-fasd-project



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