#048 How to Build Your Resilience with Patricia Morgan 

fasd success show Dec 20, 2020


If you want compassion for your children, you must start with yourself. And that is exactly where we are starting in today’s podcast.  

Patricia Morgan is a therapeutic counsellor, author, motivational speaker, coach and caregiver for her now 52-year-old daughter on the Spectrum. She is past president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Calgary and has won both the Spirit of CAPS award and the YWCA Woman of Vision award.  
Usually, when I talk to a caregiver, we talk about advice on raising an individual with FASD. Today’s conversation is a little different. While we do talk about her role as a caregiver, and how that journey led her to where she is, we spend most of our time talking about resilience and how you can develop that muscle. 

Resilience says I have the capacity to stay steady in the face of adversity, challenge, change, the behaviour of others and myself. It is also the ability to rebound after falling and reach out for help.

Our lives as caregivers require resilience. Patricia gives us insight into the lessons she learned and what she did to build her resilience, as well as: 

  • The importance of discovering your “I am” statements; 
  • One thing you should never withhold from your children; 
  • A habit you can start tonight to build your resilience; and  
  • An exercise to begin healing from your past. 

If you put all your self-esteem and your self-concept into being a caregiver, you are going to make yourself vulnerable for exactly that – make me look like a good caregiver. That is a risky road.

I am telling you this episode is filled with aha moments. You know I am big on self-care (so is Patricia) but part of self-care is self-compassion and that is built through resilience. So much of you gets lost in parenting a child with FASD and it is time to reclaim yourself.  

Have a listen. Check out the links and be sure to watch Patricia’s video Holidays 2020: We Can Still Have Fun and if you care to share, let me know what your “I am statements” are!  

Show Notes:  

Website: Solutions for Resilience

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