#049 Katie Adliff: FASD and Independence  

fasd success show Jan 10, 2021


If you are wondering what the future holds for your son or daughter, there is no better way to start 2021 than listening to this inspiring story of a young woman on the Spectrum.  

Katie Adliff came into the child welfare system at six years old. My wife Tara and I met her when she arrived at a Group Home run by an Agency we worked for at the time. Despite a rough beginning and some challenging years, Katie used all of her experiences as stepping stones to land her where she is today – working full time, living on her own and dreaming of returning to College to help others.  We talk about all this as well as: 

“I have nothing to be ashamed about being on the Spectrum.” 

  • How she knew she was “different”, her desire to “fit in” and relief at getting a diagnosis that fit. 
  • Life as a student, “carnie” and how a job as a deli clerk led to learning and working the meat cutting trade. 
  • Strategies she uses to help her live independently, as well as reduce her hyperactivity, increase focus and deal with depression. 

“My own thoughts are my worst enemy, but the hustle and bustle (of work) helps me.” 

I have shared Katie’s story in some of my trainings and it was a real pleasure to catch up with her and allow her to share her story with you. We know each individual with FASD is different, and not all will achieve independent living. And that’s okay. But I want caregivers to know what could be possible.  

I have learned never to say never. Especially when it comes to our guys. Individuals on the Spectrum have hopes and dreams and it is our job to help them achieve them. Katie started with one dream, ended up doing something else and has plans for a different career. I’ve no doubt she will achieve whatever she sets her mind to. Our kids will get where they want with the right support, accommodations, understanding and time.  

Let me know what you think of the episode and Katie as well as any dreams and goals your kids, teens or adults have. 

 Show Notes:

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