#066 Dr. Catherine Lebel: New INFO on FASD and the Brain

fasd success show May 18, 2021

Do you know what uncinate fasciculus means? I didn't. Do you ever start reading a recently published research paper and you find it written in such a way you don't understand what it is about but you want to? Me too! That is why I am so pumped to have this returning guest to the FASD Success Show, Dr. Catherine Lebel.  

Catherine Lebel, PhD is a Principal Investigator,  and Associate Professor in Department of Radiology at the University of Calgary.

Today, we dig deep into science by not only dissecting a recent research paper Dr. Lebel and her Lab published but also reviewing a study on mental health and individuals with FASD. But don't worry, I help make it all accessible. In fact, I read line by line the abstract of the research paper and Dr. Lebel translates it so you and I can understand it. We talk about how this recent research differs from previous, as well as:

  • the importance of brain research and what MRIs and EEGs can and can't do.
  • what they were looking for versus what they actually found (and it is going to shock you).
  • why knowing about brain differences and how it grows in individuals prenatally exposed is important to understanding mental health disorders.

I've been doing FASD brain research for a long time and I'm interested in how this biology drives the psychology. Why do we see the behaviours or cognitive difficulties we see and what in the brain can help us understand that. 

 I think you will agree that we are so glad Dr. Lebel and her team are doing this research. And even though sometimes the research is only meant to prompt further research, I still think we can learn from it. As Dr. Lebel says, if you ever read something and don't understand, just reach out to the author or researcher. And if you ever find any interesting FASD research you think we should investigate further, let us know!

Show Notes:

Research Paper:

White matter alterations in young children with prenatal alcohol exposure

Research Study:

Brain Development in Children and Youth with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (PAE)

Check out our previous Podcast with Dr. Lebel: 

MRIs and the FASD Brain with Dr. Catherine Lebel

Twitter: @CatherineALebel


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