#067 Amanda Burley: FASD Miracle Baby

fasd success show May 31, 2021

Anyone that has followed me for a while knows about Amanda Burley – Amanda and her family were the first family I coached after graduating from the FASD Program at the Toronto CAS Child Welfare Institute.

Tara and I have the privilege and the honour to have remained friends with her and her family. I love sharing updates for caregivers so they can follow her journey.  

I am here for a reason. It’s to help kids with FASD who can’t speak like I speak.

Amanda candidly shares some of her struggles, achievements, philosophy and letting us know what is new, including: 

  • Sharing the difference between school experiences from those when supported, understood, and accommodated, to those when supports were not provided, and how she advocates for herself. 
  • Providing tips and tricks that helped her cope with her disability, including a highly creative PITA and PANDA method. 
  • Giving suggestions for how caregivers can support their kids/teens/adults and coping strategies and mantras for individuals on the Spectrum 

Amanda says whenever someone has doubted her, that makes her try even harder to prove them wrong. Whenever she doubts herself, she remembers her reasons for being and the goals she has set that keep her going.

She is sweet, enthusiastic and has proven me and others wrong on her road to getting to where she is today. I believe you will be inspired by her journey and her words. 

Show Notes:

Facebook: FASD with Amanda B


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