#068 Eating Disorders: Insight and Support with Dr. Anita Federici

fasd success show Jun 06, 2021

Today’s guest is a little bit different from the others. Her specialty is an area caregivers ask a lot of questions about (eating, food and therapy). Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of specific FASD knowledge about treatment. When we discovered Dr. Federici through a webinar on eating disorders and saw the intersection between FASD and Eating Disorders was so great, we knew we had to get her on the show.

Dr. Federici is a Clinical Psychologist and the Owner of The Centre for Psychology and Emotion Regulation. She holds an Adjunct Faculty position at York University and is a distinguished Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders.  

You have to be able to combine what you know to be true about working with people who have FASD and what you know to be true about eating disorders and emotion regulation – and that’s what I love to do in my career. Adapting and fine-tuning treatment for people who are often missed. 

We know FASD is a whole-body disorder. We know there are over 420 co-occurring conditions. What I did not know was how interconnected FASD and Eating Disorders are. Dr. Federici and I explore this as well as:  

  • Types of eating disorders, common myths and general signs and symptoms.  
  • How emotional regulation, impulsivity, anxiety, and depression are tied to eating disorders.  
  • Why the diet culture and social media can be so toxic for individuals.  
  • What caregivers can do if they suspect their child/teen/adult has an eating disorder and the importance of a professional assessment.  
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, what it is and how it can be helpful for individuals with FASD.  

Eating disorders are not chosen.   

FASD is a complex disorder – just like eating disorders. And just like we talk about behaviour as a symptom of FASD, an eating disorder is a symptom or manifestation of something else. It is not about the food. It is what is below the surface that needs to be addressed.   

And just like many doctors do not receive appropriate training and education on FASD, many are not informed enough on recognizing eating disorders. Dr. Federici provides accessible resources on her website (link in Show Notes). 

I think this may just have to be added to the 10x listen list. Let me know what your biggest aha moment was.   

Show Notes:  

Website: The Centre for Psychology + Emotion Regulation and Instagram

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