#069 Bill Michaud: Lessons from Someone Who Gets it

fasd success show Jun 20, 2021

We know our active audience has a higher percentage of moms over dads … but we know the dads are out there. Whether they are in the main caregiving role or behind the scenes with their partner, dads or male influences are an important part of the caregiving journey for many families. That’s why I’m super stoked to have my next guest Bill Michaud talk about his FASD journey. And it just so happens to be Father's Day on the day we release this episode.

Bill is a husband (to previous podcast guest Debbie Michaud), a foster and adoptive dad, works in the developmental services sector, and as he reveals on the show today, suspects he is also on the Spectrum. This guy gets it. 

We don't take on what's going on internally for (our kids) and apply it to what's going on externally, because we don't know and they don't have the ability to tell us. So, everyone is going around assuming...we need to stop making judgements.

I suspect if you are a dad or in a role like Bill, you may not give yourself enough credit for helping to create the environment and be the support that your child/teen/adult needs. If so, I invite you (and anyone who wants a unique perspective) to spend some time with Bill and me. 

We talk about his journey to fostering and adoption, as well as: 

  • Insight into why men seem hesitant to participate in forums or caregiving groups/training. 
  • His best tips, lessons, aha moments and building blocks for supporting individuals with FASD. 
  • What he thinks of facial features, consequences, school, and saying maybe. 
  • How he takes care of himself and an exciting new venture he is about to embark on with other dads. 

We have to make an environment that is suited for (individuals) in order for them to learn at their pace, and what they want to learn. Shed all the stuff you learned growing up from your own parents.

This is an interesting episode that goes full circle from Bill not having a clue about FASD, to becoming a foster/adoptive dad, to learning about FASD through his kids and clients to contemplating he just may be on the Spectrum.  

Despite a rocky start, he is an example that FASD truly is a Spectrum. And no matter what your start in life, you can make changes with informed support and find success on your terms.

 Show Notes:

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