#071 Miranda Eodanable: Educational Psychologist   

fasd success show Jul 04, 2021

My good friend Aliy Brown from FASD Hub Scotland reached out to let me know about some interesting research going on right now in Scotland with young people with FASD. In addition, the researcher is an Educational Psychologist so I get all the details on school assessments, interventions and how to work as a team to implement accommodations in the school setting. 

Miranda Eodanable is an Educational Psychologist in Scotland with responsibility for neurodevelopmental assessment pathways with health services in areas of FASD and Intellectual Disabilities. Miranda has worked in education systems for the last 20 years and has guest lectured on the Scottish Masters in Educational Psychology courses. Currently, she is working on a Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh on the value and impact of an FASD diagnosis.  

Lots of research talks about professional views about diagnosis and I was like, where is the balance here? What about parents? Young people with FASD? Where is their research? 

Miranda’s research project is to understand the experiences and identity of young people with FASD. Scottish youth (ages 12 – 19) with FASD are invited to talk with Miranda and participate in a PhotoVoice Project to take photos of their daily experiences. Her goal is to clarify what an FASD diagnosis means to them and what kind of support they value. 

In addition, we talk about Miranda’s background, her FASD journey and her role in the Scottish education system. She shares some insight and tips on: 

  • Best ways to approach an educational psychologist for assessment/services 
  • IQ vs. Adaptive / Executive Functioning 
  • School or classroom interventions 

It’s really hard when people say but there are no interventions, there is no this or no that … but that’s not what research tells us. The research so far is really good, just not enough. 

It is always interesting hearing what is going on around the world. I think it does bring our world closer together when we realize there are studies and different programs around the globe. Stuff is happening. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but it is. 

If you have something interesting happening in your part of the world, let us know. You never know, it just might end up on a future podcast. 

Show Notes 

PhotoVoice Research Project: FASD Research | Adoption UK Charity 

Email: [email protected] 

Twitter: @FASDPhDresearch 

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