#076 The Bofenkamps: An FASD Family Divided Then United 

fasd success show Aug 15, 2021

Sharing stories and journeys from caregivers is one of my favourite things to do. It provides insight and inspiration for others from people just like you who know what you are going through.

Today I chat with my good friend, and Caregiver Kickstart Coaching program alumni, Christine and her daughter Angelina. Not only has their relationship improved in the last year, since getting real about FASD, and working through their grief and loss, they have emerged the other side and are kicking some advocacy ass right now in their home state of Kansas. 

Christine Bofenkamp is a freelance graphic designer and writer. She and her husband are raising Angelina who was adopted through kinship care, or how Christine likes to say, "our family tree has a limb that curls right back in.” When not working or supporting her daughter with online studies, Christine is pushing to get her new home state of Kansas FASD informed. She is building a non-profit to bring FASD awareness and education to the forefront. Angelina is busy maintaining a 4.2 GPA, writing, reading, playing the flute, piano, and piccolo, and excels at rolling her eyes at her parents.  

You know I always like to get the origin stories of my guests and we start off with the story of how they became a family – which like so many of our caregivers is never a straight line. It’s a path filled with twists and turns. This one is no different. We talk about their road to a diagnosis, the difference FASD informed professionals can make and how they ‘got real’ about FASD. 

If you want to grow and expand your knowledge, create a stronger family and a better environment, you are going to have to get uncomfortable first. 

We also touch on: 

  • Aha moments and values clashes that led Christine on the path to a diagnosis. 
  • How critical it is to work with your partner as a team and the paradigm shift necessary to move forward. 
  • The importance of community and being with other FASD parents. 

We also discuss Christine and Angelina’s involvement with the FASD Respect Act Bill in their state, hear what Angelina said that sealed the deal, what their plans for the future are, as well as advice Christine has for other moms and Angelina has for individuals on the Spectrum. 

While Christine is building a safe place for individuals and families in Kansas, she wants everyone listening to know that there is hope. Even when it feels like there isn't, open your windows and change your perspective. Never forget that hope is fundamental for all of us and our kids. 

The road wasn’t easy for the Bofenkamps. But they have emerged the other side. I hope this episode gives you hope, that while everything is not sunshine and rainbows, there can be success and growth. 

Show Notes: 

To get in touch with Christine:

Website: Welcome - Kansas FASD 

Email Christine

Click FASD Respect Act for more information

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