#079 Audrey McFarlane: FASD Month, Advocacy and Strategies

fasd success show Sep 04, 2021


I love when we bring back guests for an update! I love it, even more, when we have breaking news! More on that later. My guest today, Audrey McFarlane, was my first guest back in January 2020. That episode is in the Top 3 of most listened. It isn’t surprising because she is the Executive Director of the Canada FASD Research Network. Audrey was also one of the founders of the Lakeland Centre for FASD, which in my opinion, is one of the best FASD organizations on the planet.  


Audrey has her finger on the pulse of what is happening not only in Canada but around the world. In this episode we talk about advocacy in other parts of the planet, get an update on what CanFASD has been up to since she was last on, as well as details on: 

  • CanFASD’s new membership program (and you don’t have to be Canadian to join). 
  • The push for a National FASD Strategy and how people can get involved. Anyone can apply some of the strategies and ideas from the toolkit. 
  • How she got involved in a review committee for Canada’s commitment to the UN Rights of Persons with Disabilities and what that means for bringing FASD into the conversation. 

And that breaking news? Heard here first folks: a National Survey for Caregivers that will be launched on September 9! Speaking of FASDay, another excellent resource CanFASD has put together is an FASD Month Toolkit. While some statistics may be Canadian, they can be adapted for our international audience. In fact, Audrey mentions how much she appreciates it when our listeners from around the world follow and comment on CanFASD activities. You guys are the best! We are living in exciting times with some big advocacy projects and activities underway.  

Check out the links in the Show Notes to see how you can help and let me know what you are up to this month! I love to see all your sweet posts and updates on our Facebook page or in our group! 

Show Notes: 

National FASD Strategy Election Toolkit: Federal Election - CanFASD 

2021 FASD Month Toolkit: FASD Awareness Month - CanFASD 

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