#082 Jo Garofalo: FASD The Hidden Disability

fasd success show Sep 25, 2021
One of the benefits of the work I do is I get to witness the incredible transformation of caregivers. Today’s guest, Jo Garofalo is a caregiver I have watched go from being alone and pushed in different directions (none of which worked) in advocating for her daughter to an informed advocate who has the information, knowledge, and confidence to move forward in getting the accommodations needed for her daughter’s success.  
Jo and her husband Robert have two children, one with FASD. For the past 27 they have produced music and documentary programming for television and DVD.They raise money & awareness for Adoption UK & for the orphanage where they adopted their son through their Voice in a Million project.  They decided they really wanted to do something more substantial in the UK, and so the documentary FASD The Hidden Disability was born. 
FASD is something I’ve thrown myself into because my11-year-old daughter is on the spectrum and so this is now central to raise awareness whilst continuing my journey for education. I am absolutely blessed to have found Jeff Noble and FASD Success – I am eternally grateful. I hope more than anything that Jeff will join us at Wembley in 2022!

Jo has an interesting background that really prepared her for becoming the superstar advocate she has become. We talk about that as well as:  

  • The journey of getting a diagnosis and accommodations for her daughter and the importance of community support. 
  • How she used her Voice in a Million event as a platform to raise money and awareness of adoption.
  • What inspired her and her husband to create The Hidden Disability documentary, what roadblocks they faced and the response from the public so far.  

Now I know not everyone is going to go from getting an appropriate school placement for their child to creating a 45-minute documentary on FASD … but what I hope this podcast does is give you the inspiration that no matter where you might find yourself now, you can be in a completely different space in a couple of years.  

 Jo used the resources she had and the skills she learned to build a support team and secure a new school placement for her daughter. For some caregivers that may be all you need or want. But for others, like Jo, you may be inspired to become a powerful advocate beyond your family.

No matter where you are in between those two points, I think you will see the power of facts, knowledge, community and telling stories can create change and success for ourselves and our loved ones with FASD.  

Show Notes: 

Website: Voice In a Million 

Documentary: FASD The Hidden Disability 

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Join our Group: FASD Caregiver Success Group 

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