#083 Angela Geddes FASD: A Complicated & Beautiful Brain

fasd success show Oct 02, 2021
In this episode of The FASD Success Show, I’m talking to a professional who has dedicated her career to understanding, advocating, and supporting families and individuals with FASD. So much so, she wrote her thesis on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, which she has just turned into a resource manual filled with not only general information on FASD but provides insights into building a more inclusive service delivery system.  
Angela Geddes CYW, BA (Psych), MSW, RSW. Angela has over 25 years of experience supporting individuals in a variety of settings. She is currently in private practice providing education, advocacy and direct support for individuals and families experiencing complex issues including the impact of PAE/FASD. Angela is also an active member of the FASD ONE Diagnostic Action Group, FASD ELMO, and Ontario FASD Action Network and involves herself in many different projects including recently writing a book, A Complicated & Beautiful Brain.  
People with FASD are not waiting patiently in their rooms for family, friends, and service providers to understand them. They are already presenting in the community, at the beaches, in the workplace, in the principal’s office, in children’s treatment centers, in residential settings, in parenting programs, in child welfare, in adult mental health and addictions, injustice, in housing programs, in poverty reduction programs, in health care, etc. 

It isn’t too often I meet a professional that has known about FASD since the beginning of their professional journey. Despite that knowledge, however, she was met without a lot of knowledge from others in the first ten years of her career. We talk about her journey and experiences as well as take a deep dive into her book to learn: 

  • Her thoughts on why systems are failing individuals with FASD and her ideas on what is needed to build an inclusive system. 
  • Some suggested rebuttals to common roadblocks from Professionals 
  • Her top 5 general tips for caregivers on how to create an environment for growth at home right now. 


Angela has spent her career working in different sectors, including a stint as a Coordinator for an FASD Diagnostic and Assessment Clinic. You can really see this broad range of experience has led Angela to be able to look at FASD through a variety of lenses.  


I want people who are maybe struggling with maybe 5 or 6 diagnoses or confusing profiles to be able to read this and not feel shame, not feel like oh she’s talking to me necessarily, but this does apply, this makes sense to me, and this maybe could be me. 


If you enjoyed this podcast and want to connect with Angela or order her e-book, A Complicated & Beautiful Brain, check out the show notes for a link to her website. While she is only licensed in Ontario to provide clinical counselling, she can offer online training, parenting education and support without restriction on location. 


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