#085 Chandra and Jordan Smith: The Power of Same Page Parenting

fasd success show Oct 16, 2021

Previous guests have included moms and dads, but this is the first time we’ve had a couple appear together to talk about their journey as FASD Caregivers. I couldn’t think of a better couple than Chandra and Jordan as the first. 

Chandra and Jordan are parents to 6 children – two with an FASD diagnosis and one suspected. Like Angelene Bruce, our conversation was not intended to be a podcast. It was for a case study for our upcoming CKS workshop. Like Angelene, their story is filled with great lessons that will benefit many.

Before taking the CKS program, Chandra and Jordan admitted they were living at a level of desperation and constant stress. They questioned their parenting, had others question their parenting, and struggled to understand why their children were acting the way they did despite what they felt was a supportive home environment.

I feel as a mom you get this intuition. There were things with our boys that I was recognizing, not knowing anything about FASD, recognizing that time, memory and confabulation were issues, for instance, there are things you see, and you know but you don’t know why and all we are going with is ADD, ODD, Anxiety and there is a disconnect.

We talk about that journey and disconnect as well as:

  • When they learned about FASD and how they now feel empowered to advocate.
  • How their different personalities used to contradict and cause conflict in their marriage, but now complement their caregiving roles.
  • What a difference the CKS Coaching Program made in their confidence not only as caregivers but as advocates.

In two-parent families sometimes one person takes more of a back seat than the other. Conflict can drive couples apart. So we love when we hear how becoming knowledgeable about FASD, and getting training and support shifts couples into same page parenting. It benefits them and their kids. 

Relationships are strained, there’s a lot of stress at home, there’s a lot of confusion. I’m trying to think not only what life was like back then but what would it be like today as other issues have presented themselves. Had we not understood what was going on, what would that be like in the home? Our relationship with our kids, it’s a real paradigm shift, if you switch the lens of how you are looking at their world, the compassion, the empathy and understanding of where your child is at, I think can save that relationship.

Chandra and Jordan are always a favourite on our Coaching Calls. I am excited for you to listen to what they have learned. You can try us out with the Caregiver Kickstart Workshop next week. The link is in the Show Notes.

I do not doubt that with knowledge, understanding and support you too can achieve great things for yourself, your family, and your kids.

Show Notes: 

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