#086 Kelly Rosenbender: From Struggling Single Mom to Informed and Confident Advocate

fasd success show Oct 24, 2021
Are you a single parent? Working full time? Wondering how to effectively support your child with FASD and have hope for the future? If you are any or all those things, tune in as I chat with Kelly Rosenbender. She is a single mom working full time while raising her 13-year-old daughter. Despite getting an FASD diagnosis a few years ago, and referrals for services, she still felt judged, isolated and without the tools or knowledge, she needed to advocate.

In today’s episode she and I break down:  

  • Pre diagnosis parenting – learning about attachment, trauma and other conditions but yet those techniques were not working to stop the overwhelm and outbursts. 
  • Post diagnosis – despite relief and referrals how she still did not have the information and knowledge to be an effective advocate and felt judged, isolated and frustrated. 
  • What changed that provided her with the tools, knowledge, support and confidence needed to implement changes to reduce those meltdowns and improve their relationship.   

I used to just keep on going. The last time there was a meltdown I realized I was tired. She was off to school the next day. So, I took a day off, which I never do, but I really needed a quiet day. I felt so much better for it. So that’s been a really big lesson for me as well. 

 There is much more to this interview. We talk about the difference it made joining the Caregiver Kickstart Coaching Program. Who she brought along to motivate and support her, which had a surprising benefit.  And we talk about the importance of community and how getting perspectives from others around the world can help you with advocating for your child.  

 If you are a busy professional who wonders how you will find the time to add yet another thing to your schedule, Kelly gives some tips on how it is possible. And if you are like Kelly was – not being able to see beyond the next day or week – you will find out that things can and do change. We want all parents and caregivers to feel like Kelly – that there is a bright future ahead.  

 You need a roadmap and support along the way. Wouldn’t it be great to get what you need so you too can move from where you may be stuck now to creating better days at school, at home, and a hopeful plan for the future? 


Show Notes: 

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