#087 Ngaire Meadows: No Physical Aggression in a Year!

fasd success show Oct 28, 2021

As a research scientist in the health care field, Ngaire Meadows thought she knew everything, but now understands how little she knew.

With four children and three on the Spectrum, it felt like WW3 in her home with rages, outbursts, and mental health concerns.  

Rages and outbursts, these just happen, and there’s no controlling it and there is no reasoning with it and there’s no deflecting. It’s like a storm cloud coming in, rolling in, you can’t stop it and you can’t make it roll out any faster, you just have to hunker down and weather it. 

In this episode, Ngaire and I talk about: 

  • Trying to sort out what was brain and what was trauma and having no one around her understand what she was dealing with. 
  • Feeling so worried, anxious and scared because nothing was working and the toll it was taking on her.
  • The four changes that she made that resulted in a year without aggression. 

I had unrealistic expectations. Now I’m more of her partner so instead of me saying I know what’s healthy for you, I’m going to make you do it. 

For so many caregivers, aggression is the number one concern. Every child is unique and every situation while similar is different. But in the CKS Community, you will learn what FASD is, why your kids are like they are and be given the tools to make a change. If you want it.

You will also have access to the leading professionals in the field, top coaches who understand FASD and a community of caregivers who are walking this path with you.  

Ngaire told me, “This (CKS) was the first thing I tried that I feel really addresses what we are facing.”  I want you to experience that as well. Will you join us? 

Show Notes:

Want to learn more about FASD, find support and expert advice? Registration closes Friday, October 29, 2021: The CKS Coaching Program or catch up in the free: CKS Workshop  


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