#088 Jennifer Wisdahl: Leading the Way in the U.S.A

fasd success show Nov 13, 2021


What happens when you have the FASD information, training and support you need? Do you take a step back and let others find their own way or do you step up and help? Today’s guest, Jennifer Wisdahl, ranks in the circle of some pretty kick-a$$ advocates who are helping pave the way for families and individuals to get the support and services they need for success. 

Many of you may know Jenn from her role as the Policy and Training Center Coordinator for FASD United (formerly NOFAS) where she works with the Team supporting the pending FASD Respect Act. What you may not know is she and her husband, are proud parents of three teens with FASD, is a habitual volunteer (she sits on the board of NOFAS Washington State and on the executive board of the FASD United Affiliate Network), is formerly from Canada and still cheers for the Vancouver Canucks, while watching the Seattle Kraken.   



So often as advocates we talk into an echo chamber. We share our information, and it all goes around in the FASD circles. So, we as advocates need to be working at taking that voice and taking it outside the FASD Circle.

 We talk about her origin story as well as: 

  • What it was like to move from a well-supported and FASD informed area to one with minimal supports (and how that was the fuel to ignite her advocacy passion). 
  • The story behind the change from NOFAS to FASD United and the fun way she is using that name change to raise funds for charity. 
  • The Coles/Cliff/York Notes and an update on the FASD Respect Act, what it will take to get it passed and what’s next on the agenda.  

It really is about giving information out so people can run with it themselves. There is a perception out there that someone should be doing this for us. And you are right, there are enough organizations the government should be on track to do this, to support us and to help us as families. But that’s not our reality. We had to look at it as what we could do to empower each and every person because that is how it gets done.

 You may wonder how with 3 kids on the Spectrum Jenn is able to devote her time to not only coordinating this national initiative but also working with Rebecca Tillou on the Run FASD fundraiser and supporting The FASD Project. I wondered too – so we talk about that, her self-care and her advice to parents and caregivers who may be feeling down that this legislation hasn’t passed. 

Jenn is knowledgeable, passionate, supportive and has the energy and commitment to work with others to bring FASD awareness and action into the mainstream. I hope you will be inspired by this podcast. For those that can join in and for those that know there is a powerful network growing around you to create change. Check out our show notes to see how you can get involved. 


Show Notes: 

Websites: The FASD Respect Act – FASD United Policy And Training Center and FASD United 

Contact Jenn: FASD United Policy And Training Center – Policy and Training Center 


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