#089 Laurie Whyte: The Value of Vulnerability

fasd success show Nov 27, 2021

There are caregivers all around the world quietly or not so quietly going about their day-to-day. Occasionally, I see someone who is doing incredible work in their community and I want to dig a little deeper to find their lessons and ideas I can share with others. Laurie Whyte is one of those caregivers.  

Laurie Whyte has been active in the world of Fetal Alcohol  Spectrum Disorder for over 15 years. As a parent of 2 teenagers with FASD as well as a community advocate and trainer, she offers a unique perspective in helping others understand FASD. By sharing real-life examples, the latest research, and best practices Laurie speaks openly about the emotional journey of many caregivers of those with FASD while providing hope and inspiration. She offers dynamic and practical training in hopes of bringing professionals and caregivers together to serve individuals with FASD compassionately. 


I learned to ask for help. I have never hidden anything. I also learned who to ask for help. 

 Asking for help is one of the success factors Laurie has used. She talks about how that was not modelled during her childhood, but she knew without the professional support system around her as she was raising her kids, she had to break that pattern. We touch on that as well as: 

  • Lessons she has learned, including modelling how to talk about feelings and emotions.
  • How to build relationships with your children and with others to build a support system. 
  • Her inspiration for her advocacy and what her main messages are for caregivers and professionals. 

We have to make ourselves vulnerable to even ask for help, so where does that put us as caregivers? It carries a huge amount of shame. A huge amount of embarrassment, but you have to make yourself vulnerable to ask for help. And how hard is that? 

This is an insightful episode. Laurie has experienced years of living crisis to crisis - fighting to keep her family together. She has emerged the other side ready to help others.  I want to thank her for being so open and vulnerable. This isn’t an easy journey but reaching out, sharing, and supporting each other is vital. Check it out and let me know what you think! 

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