#092 Dan Dubovsky: Best Tips for Advocacy, Self Care and Arguing

fasd success show Jan 22, 2022


Today’s guest likely needs no introduction, as he has been a fixture and looked up to as an expert, sharing his story, teaching, and advocating in the FASD world for 35 years – but it wasn’t always that way. Dan Dubovsky couldn’t even get 12 people to attend his first professional course on FASD. But that didn’t stop him. I’m also excited he agreed to be on the show as he is one of the FASD pioneers that I have looked up to and learned from. Today I am sure you will learn and be inspired by him (if you haven’t already). 

Dan has worked for over 40 years in the field of behavioral health as a direct care worker in residential treatment and a therapist in residential and outpatient settings as well as an oncology social worker and Instructor in Psychiatry. He has written and taught courses on child and adolescent development, loss and grieving, schizophrenia, mood disorders in children and adolescents, youth and violence, and psychopharmacology among others. He has been involved in FASD for over 35 years. For the past several years, he has focused on the development and implementation of screening, assessment, and modification protocol for children, adolescents, and adults. For 15 years he was the FASD Specialist at the SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence. He is currently an independent contractor providing training and technical assistance throughout the U.S. and Canada. For his work in FASD, his son Bill has been his mentor and best teacher. 

Bill died in 2002. He is still teaching people what it’s like to live with FASD. What happened to him doesn’t have to happen to other people and that is really the key in recognizing it. I often look at Bill as my Mentor. Over the last 10 years, more interest in people learning and wanting to learn. 

Dan and I talk about the turning point of when his son’s struggles started to make sense as well as: 

  • His trials, tribulations, and successes raising and supporting his son Bill. And how his son has helped others see FASD differently. 
  • How his unique perspective as both a parent and professional has helped. 
  • Where we still have gaps for FASD, best tips for advocacy and self-care. 

Grief and Loss are essential to recognize both for families and individuals with FASD. We all have hopes and dreams and if somebody doesn’t measure up to those hopes and dreams, we often get angry about it instead of looking at it as a loss. 

We also spend a good portion of this episode on grief and loss. We talk about what it is, why it is important to understand it, and what you can do to move through it. And Dan tells us what he feels is the most important thing he did and that other caregiver can convey to their child.  If you have a kid who likes to argue, you will want to stick with us, as Dan gives you a tip on how to deal with the arguing. 

One of the themes that keep threading through these last few episodes is about values clashes and learning to throw away everything you thought you knew. That’s why I bring you these experts to help you learn from their experiences so you can continue to build success in your lives.  


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