#097 Olga and Serhii: An FASD Family on the Front Lines in Ukraine

fasd success show Feb 25, 2022

Content Warning: While Olga and Serhii are positive in their resolve and for their future, this interview deals with the current war in Ukraine. 

We realize we are living in very significant times. Today we’ve been invaded by our northern barbarian neighbours. Kyiv is being bombed. Soldiers are dying. They are invading from all sides. That’s the stage we are going through. Ukrainians are tough and we are going to resist. We are Ukraine. We are strong and we will protect ourselves. 

Who has not been transfixed by what is happening in Ukraine? Olga Bolshova, an alumnus of my CKS Coaching Program has been very active in setting up FASD programs in Ukraine.

So much dedication, that last night when they knew they could wait no longer, they put their safety plan in place to leave their home. Serhii reported they had to wait though until Olga finished the FASD diagnostic webinar she had organized for doctors. How surreal is that?  

With so many of our Facebook community members reaching out to ask how she and her family are, I wanted to do a check-in. It isn’t often I’m speechless, but the resolve and the calm, even some of the laughter, I’m sure must mask an incredible amount of anxiety. In fact, we talk about that, as well as: 

  • How she and her husband prepared their 7-year-old daughter Stepha, who has FASD, for the upcoming war, including the new routine she has created after the move. 
  • The perception from the West, versus what is really happening on the ground. 
  • What it is like right now for them, their friends and their country. 

Today there is no clarity. It’s chaos. Nobody knows what is going on. It’s important not to panic. I just said goodbye to my apartment. It’s just stuff. What is important is our family. Protect your children. Love your children. Be kind. 

It doesn’t get more real than this folks. Not that any experience isn’t valid, but it sure does put things into perspective when you learn how to use a gun, create a survival kit, give up everything that won’t fit in a car, leave everything behind and teach your child how to increase survival in case a plane drops a bomb. 

If you want to help, Serhii and Olga tell us what practical things we can do to help people in Ukraine. Let’s honour and support them and the people of Ukraine by doing what they ask. 

UPDATE: Since this episode has aired, Olga, Serhii and their family have fled Ukraine and are safe in a refugee shelter. Caregivers have asked how they can directly help the family. If you want to contribute a donation, please click on the Buy Me A Coffee Link in the Show Notes. We will be sending all funds donated until further notice to them.

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