#098 Dr. Katy Flannigan and Dorothy Reid: What does strengths based even mean?

fasd success show Mar 05, 2022

Do you hear people talk about using a strength-based approach when supporting individuals with FASD? Do you know how to do that? Do you even know what that means? In this episode of The FASD Success Show, I talk with Dr.  Katy Flannigan, (Research Associate at CanFASD) and Dorothy Reid (Co-Chair of the CanFASD Family Advisory Committee) about two recent projects: a narrative review of the literature on strengths of individuals with FASD and a survey seeking the experiences of caregivers. 

The lack of strengths based FASD research has likely perpetuated the stress and stigma experienced by individuals with FASD and their families. There is a critical need to shift the direction of the field.  

I don’t know about you, but even as a research nerd, I find some of these studies difficult to understand. We are going to break it down for you. You will find out:  

  • What exactly is a Literature Review Study, how this one came about and what the goals were. 
  • The importance of balancing the talk about deficits and strengths and next steps in the process. 
  • Different strengths, detailed information on a few of the five broad categories and how you can apply what they learned in your day-to-day life.  

There are thousands of studies that document (FASD) challenges and impairments. It is time to move forward. There is an abundance of difficulties, but you must take the next step and figure out how to respond with what might work and what might help. Until we take that next step, and start to incorporate strengths into our conversations, we will be stuck in problem-solving mode instead of how we help individuals (with FASD), and their families thrive. 

This was a fascinating discussion. Not going to lie - like the researchers, some of my beliefs were challenged and changed. I don’t present the same information I did 5 years ago, and I update the information I teach as it changes. That is why I love current research. This study provides a few reflective statements that might just change the way you view and support individuals with FASD.  

In the last ten minutes of the interview, you will learn about the Caregiver Survey CanFASD launched on September 9 (FASDay) in 2021. It is still open for caregivers (no country limits) to participate. Check below for a link. 


Show Notes: 

CanFASD Caregiver Survey: Caregivers Needed to Share Their Experiences 

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