#106 Judy Pakozdy Lessons Learned from a 40+ Year FASD Journey

fasd success show Apr 30, 2022
Would you agree the best learning comes from caregivers who have walked the FASD journey? Today, I’m talking with Judy Pakozdy, who has 45 years’ worth of FASD knowledge, training, and caregiving experience.
 Judy was a pediatric head nurse in Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada). While her nurse training didn’t cover FASD, she was fortunate to become a research assistant for Dr. Kwadwo Asante, retired Medical Director from the Asante Centre (British Columbia, Canada) who visited the hospital as a doctor, trainer and a diagnostician. Upon her retirement from nursing, Judy became a founding member of the FAS Society of Yukon and served as its Executive Director for 12 years. 
I think most of us thought as soon as people hear and know what it (FASD) really was, they would just automatically accommodate the kids and understand that this has nothing to do with them – their fault or their mother’s fault – that it is a brain condition.

Judy and her son, Matthew (who is now 42 years old), recently created a poster: Reminders for Parents/Caregivers and People with FASD and other Neuro Development Disabilities. We are going to review it for you, step by step. Interspersed with expanding on those best tips for caregivers, she shares: 

  • Why she decided to adopt, knowing what she did about FASD, and how her understanding shifted from her role as a nurse. 
  • The struggles, challenges, and successes she and Matthew experienced and how their relationship is now. 
  • Reflections on what she would have done differently, her hope for the future, and what is next for her. 

Judy and I also touch on the landscape of FASD – how it has changed, what remains the same, and what has to change. When I asked her if she gets sad at all that needs to be done, her response was: “I can’t afford to be sad, so I’m fueled.” I think you will be fueled by Judy’s spirit, passion, and knowledge.  

Make sure to check out Show Notes for a link to the podcast I did with Matthew and to download a copy of their poster. 

Show Notes: 

Poster: Reminders for Parents/Caregivers and People with FASD and other Neuro Development Disabilities 

Podcast with Matthew: #022 Matthew Pakozdy Winning With FASD Supports 

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