#111: Jillana Goble: Reflections on Fostering, Adoption and FASD

fasd success show Jun 11, 2022

 Have you ever wanted to share your story and experience with the world? Let others in on your lessons learned and hope they find comfort knowing they aren’t alone in their journey? That’s exactly what my guest, Jillana Goble has done – for a second time, with her new book: A Love Stretched Life, Stories on Wrangling Hope, Embracing the Unexpected and Discovering the Meaning of Family. 

Jillana Goble is a speaker, author, advocate and founder of Every Child Oregon. Together with her husband, Luke, she parents five children (including one with FASD) ranging in age from 10 – 18 years old. She has written two books (No Sugar-Coating and A Love Stretched Life). She’s passionate about getting people to link arms with the state’s overburdened child welfare system to uplift vulnerable children in foster care and those who serve them.  

I am thrilled that they gave me the opportunity to shed a spotlight on FASD. I am thrilled for the opportunity that it might create increased visibility for families like ours and hopefully increase compassion and understanding for our loved ones with FASD. 

In this episode, Jillana reflects on her journey to fostering, and what she learned along the way, as well as: 

  • The difference between how children are presented in the foster system versus the reality, thus leaving foster parents unprepared. 
  • Her family’s journey and the shift in her expectations of parenting. 
  • Grief and loss for her family, children, and Charlie and how this has changed them. 

I hope this book will be encouragement to somebody who feels like there is a gap between how they thought things would be and the lived reality and that there would be some nuggets of hope and encouragement.

We wrap up talking about the critical conversations and shift in mindset she feels needs to happen in the foster care system to better prepare foster and adoptive parents, along with her best advice for prospective and adoptive parents. We also touch on how she self-regulates and why she stays off social media. 

Jillana has crafted a collection of personal stories that will serve as a guidepost for caregivers who need to navigate the often-tumultuous terrain of fostering, adoption, and raising a neurodiverse child in a world that doesn’t quite understand.  


Show Notes: 

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