#112 Ask Me Anything about FASD with Jeff Noble

fasd success show Jun 25, 2022
Another first for The FASD Success Show – You Asked and Jeff Answers! I reached out to caregivers in our private Facebook Group and Email Newsletter to find out what questions they wanted answers to. I received so many that I couldn’t decided which to feature, so I randomly picked eight and will save the rest for a future episode.  
It’s important to recognize I am not a doctor, lawyer or social worker. I do have lived experience, education and have interviewed many individuals with FASD, researchers, professionals in the field and coached hundreds of families. I like to say, you are the expert on your child, I’m an advisor.

In this Ask Me Anything episode, you will find my best research and answers to the following: 

  1. Do you think we need an FASD diagnosis? 
  2. What are you hearing/what are your thoughts, on neurofeedback for FASD. 
  3. What are your top 2 takeaways from adults you have spoken with about what they want us to understand about them/FASD.  and bonus: 3b. What does understanding FASD as a Spectrum matter? 
  4. Is it common for individusl with FASD to have toileting issues? 
  5. Is cursing common with FASD? Is there anything I can do? 
  6. Are you going to be having upcoming training in Canada? 
  7. Is it common for siblings to feel a sense of survivors guilt? 
  8. Is regression in young adults to be expected. 

So grab a pen and paper, get comfy and get ready to get some answers. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. Let me know if you like this format. Cause if you do, we will definitely do it again. 

Show Notes: 

“Psychology Works” Fact Sheet: Enuresis and Encopresis in Children 

Interoception and sensory processing issues: What you need to know 

How Swearing Works 

What the F**K: Why children swear and how to deal with it 

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