#114 FASD in Ireland with Tris and Scott

fasd success show Jul 09, 2022

Today’s show is a show of firsts. You will learn how Tristan and Scott Casson-Rennie first met, how they became the first same-sex couple to adopt through the agency they used in the process, their trials and tribulations as they navigated parenthood with first a sibling group and then a third, their first experience working together to create an organization  called FASD Ireland, and what the first item Scott asked for after coming out of surgery.  

After retiring, Tristan became the Founder and CEO of FASD Ireland. With Scott, they are dads

to three boys of diverse needs, including one with an FASD diagnosis. Scott is the Chief Operating Officer of FASD Ireland, Host of The Adoption and Fostering podcast and Co-founder and Director of No Borders Training.  

When the boys were placed, they had multiple diagnosis depending on which practitioner they had seen. Every single one seemed to add another label. It was if they were walking post it notes. And our job turned out to be the champions of the children and to start peeling away those post it notes, to the root causes of issues and root diagnosis. 

You will find many similarities in Scott and Tristan’s journey in terms of the honeymoon period after placement, the challenge of misdiagnosis and trying to piece together the puzzle of symptoms, as well as the resilience as parents they have. In addition to their firsts, we discuss:  

  • Their view of success as parents and as a couple. 
  • How acknowledging their different backgrounds helped them create a middle ground. 
  • Biggest lesson in raising children with diverse needs and tips for other caregivers. 
  • When and why they started FASD Ireland, its key messages, current programs and future goals. 

You will also learn about their partnership with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, the barriers to starting a new venture in a culture of alcohol acceptance, Scott’s involvement with the Adoption and Fostering Podcast, and a recent serious health condition that changed their perceptions on life and created an unexpected change in one of their sons.

It is important that every single day I go out and talk about FASD. I was asked, what drives me – everyday I can get FASD talked about is one more step in the direction where my son can grow up and live an independent life. So if I can do that for my son, then I can do it for everyone. 

This was a fun interview as well as an enlightening one. I love to hear what is going on in different parts of the world. Despite cultural differences caregivers around the world have so much in common. While you may not be able to start your own FASD organization, I hope you will be inspired by Scott and Tristan and find something you can take into your everyday caregiving that helps you meet with more success. Be sure to check out the Show Notes if you want to give them a follow or get in touch. 


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