#116 Stephanie Burns: How To Stay Healthy During The Hard

fasd success show Jul 23, 2022
When I ask caregivers what the one thing they’d like to change is – physical health is at the top of that list for many. That is why I invited Stephanie Burns onto the Show. Stephanie has a degree in Physical and Health Education and runs Burns Fitness. She and her husband have 4 kids, 2 with neurodiverse needs. On top of that, she undertook a program to lose 100 pounds and get fit. So she gets it.
The first 3 months with my first foster placement were some of the most stressful times I’ve ever experienced. We were surviving and food was my fix. It was my coping mechanism. 

We talk about those first three months and how and why she went from athletic and in shape to putting her health on the back burner and hitting rock bottom. We also cover:  

  • The toxic diet culture and why diets don’t work and the internal dialogue we can have with ourselves about health. 
  • Her 5 point plan get started and what works over the long-term, 
  • How she keeps herself motivated using the Stove Top analogy. 

What I wish someone would have told me is focus on micro habits, not macro habits. What we tend to do is jump into a program. We go from being very sedentary to signing up for something that involves a lot. We start, ten don’t stick and it’s because we haven’t built our way up to that.

Stephanie also talks about the reality of having kids and the effect not being in good health can have on caregiving. She gives ideas on incorporating all this with a busy household and kids with neurodiverse needs. She also gives you a wise piece of advice on what to say when you are in the trenches and might be hard on yourself. Stephanie knows her stuff and knows this life. 

 I also know she is good at what she does because Tara and I are in her program. And that’s why I wanted to share her knowledge with you. Check out the Show Notes links to her site and other accounts she recommends.  


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