#126 Ask Me Anything about FASD with Jeff Noble ROUND 2

fasd success show Oct 01, 2022
The first AMA episode (#112) was so successful I am back with brand new questions, submitted by caregivers, for Round 2 of the Q and Ehs!
It’s important to recognize I am not a doctor, lawyer or social worker. I do have lived experience, education and have interviewed many individuals with FASD, researchers, professionals in the field and coached hundreds of families. I like to say, you are the expert on your child, I’m an advisor.

In this Ask Me Anything episode, you will find my best research and answers to the following:

1. Why is it so hard for other people to accept that the children's behaviour doesn't mean they are just naughty little brats but little people who have no control and need more love and patience?

2. How do I respond to “I’m not preparing them for real life” when I try to explain or advocate for my parenting choices?

3. Is the wool being pulled over my eyes when my child can do something one day and then not remember or be able to do it next time but can hyper-focus on video games?

4. I’m petrified of the behaviour issues rearing their ugly head. Is there a magic point when they will present themselves if they do at all?

5. As my son grows, should we expect that his delays will permanently limit his learning and prospects to read, write and express himself? We are told that he may only learn to a limited level.

6. How does a caregiver provide close supervision during the teen years (against their pushback) while allowing some freedom?

So, grab whatever you need to take notes, get comfy and get ready to get some answers. Thank you to everyone who trusted me with these questions. And if listening to this episode created a question in your mind, send me a message and I’ll add it to the list for the next round.

Show Notes:

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