#127 Kenny LaJoy A Young Author with FASD Reveals Secrets to His Success

fasd success show Oct 08, 2022

The timing couldn’t be better for the release of this episode of The FASD Success Show because it is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, a time for family and gratitude. These are a couple of the key messages my guest, Kenny LaJoy, writes about in his recently released book, It’s OK To Be You. Living Well with FASD or Other Disabilities.

In addition to being a new author, Kenny is an entrepreneur and pizza store manager. He started his life in an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan, but at the age of eight moved to the USA when he was adopted by the LaJoy family. His life experiences and learning challenges led him to write this book in the hopes that his story and the wisdom he has gleaned in the process might make growing up with a disability a little bit easier for someone else. In his free time, Kenny volunteers in many faith-

based leadership roles and is currently enrolled in a Pathways Theological Education course of study.

We are inundated with what’s not possible. Also, the “Oh if you just put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.” That is not reality. My book isn’t, oh you can do anything. Not to say you shouldn’t hope better for yourself, but don’t go so high (that you fail).

We talk about his journey towards acceptance and how individuals can better live with their disability. Each chapter focuses on one aspect of “it’s okay if …”. We review the book, but we also go a bit deeper behind the inspiration for the book as well as:

  • Who his biggest supporters and helpers are and how they guide him.
  • Tools and strategies to help him regulate and overcome “stinking thinking.”
  • How he finds meaning in his days and life and his hopes and dreams for the future.

I just needed to hear, it’s okay. It’s one thing to hear a parent say it, but I didn’t hear a lot of that from others. In many ways, this book, as much as it was for the reader, it is for me to have affirmations.

As a young adult, we also spend time on his transition to adulthood and his thoughts on interdependence versus independence. You will enjoy Kenny’s candor, introspection, and humour. His book offers his reflections and learnings but invites

caregivers and individuals to dig deep and reflect on themselves using questions at the end of each chapter. He aim for the book is to facilitate individuals and their parents/caregivers communicating with each other. I think he has achieved that and can’t wait to see what else he has in his future.


Show Notes:

Family Business: Buckaroos Slices & Scoops - Buckaroos Slices & Scoops

Book: It's OK to Be You: Living Well with FASD or Other Disabilities

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