#128 Sara and Brad Evans From Faking It to Making It: An FASD Success Story!

fasd success show Oct 15, 2022

Brad and Sara Evans went from a loud, outgoing family involved in their community, to questioning why they ever left the house. Everybody knew them and loved them. Until they adopted their young great-niece and nephew. They anticipated challenges, because of the children’s background, but because they didn’t know about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, they were not prepared for the challenges they faced.

In the beginning, it was like walking on eggshells every day. They expected their niece and nephew to function like their 5 bio kids, including their 3 and 5-year-olds, and respond to the same parenting strategies, but they did nor could not.

(My oldest children) would tell you I screamed all the time. I went through a time when my voice was hoarse. I kept thinking they are going to stop if I yell. It didn’t help.

In this special episode you will find out:

  • What made Brad and Sara seek out the possibility of FASD and where they found help to change their parenting paradigm.
  • What their biggest aha moments were after learning about FASD.
  • How they have changed, including what was unexpected, some of the successes they are experiencing and what life looks like now.

We have hope for the future. We have the education to know what that future might entail. We are prepared, with what we do and we seek opportunities to put them in places to be successful.

One of the big benefits of my job is watching the growth in the families who take my Caregiver Kick Start Coaching Program. Brad and Sara are just one example of a couple who were struggling, just like you may be – but with some education, support, connection to a community of caregivers who get it, and a willingness to put in the work and be open to changing the way they were doing things, they are seeing results.

It doesn’t mean that there are no struggles. But now a difficult day doesn’t have to turn into a difficult few days, weeks, or months. They have strategies in place that help them prevent, accommodate, or pivot. If you are like Sara was, yelling to be heard, and Brad thinking discipline is all you need, then check out their story and find out what they did to turn things around and how you can too.

Show Notes:

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