#131 How to REALLY Survive the Holidays (+ the future of our show)

fasd success show Dec 16, 2022

We are back! What a whirlwind the last couple of months has been! In this return episode, I let you know where we have been, what we have been doing, and what the future of the show is, but more importantly for right now for you I am giving a mini-coaching session on how to really survive the holiday!


How are you holding up? Many of the caregivers in our Facebook Group and Coaching Course are feeling the strain. You may be burnt out but so are our kids. Even my daughter, who is neurotypical. Add in the disability, seasonal depression, or trauma (for you or your kids) and we have an assault on our nervous systems. Tune in to hear the collective wisdom from my team and the families I work with on how to navigate this season. I dig deep and share:

  • questions to ask and prompts to center yourself if you are struggling
  • quick suggestions to help ease transitions and changes
  • a new way to respond to the negative voices when you or others think our kids are missing out

I also share how my family shifted to create new traditions that reduced anxiety and pressure on everyone in our celebrations. Some of our kids can manage the season (and that’s great), and some only require minor tweaks to traditions and routines (fantastic) … but for others, to survive this season, you really need to ask yourself some tough questions. Because can we ask our kids to extend their functioning beyond their current ability and expect traditional outcomes?  I don’t have all the answers, but I do have ideas and questions you can ask yourself to find answers that work for your family.

Oh, and about the Show and where it’s going? I will give you all the details on that, so you are going to want to tune in!

From all of us at FASD Success, whatever you are or are not celebrating during this time of year, I hope you find more good days and success. Thank you for tuning in this year and making The FASD Success Show one of the top 5% most shared globally (according to Spotify)! That is all down to you, the listener! Thank you for sharing your time with us!


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