Reintroducing Myself: The Tale of Resilience and Rediscovery

fasd success show Aug 14, 2023

The FASD Success Show is back!

After a hiatus, Jeff Noble returns with an episode filled with unexpected twists and raw emotions, illustrating the power of resilience, healing and community support in overcoming life's adversities. Why did he step away? What brought him back to the microphone? And what is the lifeline he is about to toss to caregivers that promises to reshape the FASD landscape?

Tune in, lean in, and discover what's been unfolding behind the scenes, including:

  • The whirlwind series of presentations from down south, west and east from California to Florida, up north to Kashechewan Cree First Nation and across the pond to bonnie Scotland! Jeff shares how it felt to return to live events, the power of connection and shared experiences.
  • Personal reflections on grief and grappling with medical procedures that serves as a poignant reminder to cherish every moment and maintain connections with those we hold dear.
  • The importance of emotional wellness, leaning on a support network, expressing gratitude and strategies for coping with difficult situations.
  • Details of a brand new online event FASD Lifeline. We are diving deep to provide essential strategies to help you navigate this FASD caregiving journey. Jeff will share tools that are absolute game changers for supporting your loved ones and introduce you to the FASD Success Path - a roadmap that's transformed the lives of many caregivers, just like you. All this, plus he will answer your questions live. And did we say there is no cost to attend? 

While this episode doesn't shy away from sharing personal grief and heartache, it shows how we can find lifelines by embracing the human experience, expressing gratitude, sharing our vulnerability and leaning into community and supports.

Jeff tells us: Life throws curveballs, my dudes, but we can do hard things. We can do hard things together. And now I'm throwing you an FASD Lifeline.

To grab that lifeline, click the link below to register.

Show Notes:

Register for the Online Event (August 21, 2023): FASD LIFELINE 

- navigating the storm of FASD with confidence and support.

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