#140 Audrey McFarlane – Pioneering Progress in FASD

fasd success show Jan 08, 2024

Join us for a captivating episode of 'The FASD Success Show' with the insightful Audrey McFarlane, Executive Director of the Canada FASD Research Network, who has been at the forefront of FASD research and advocacy for over two decades. In this episode we cover:

  • Evolving Conversations in FASDDiscover how FASD discussions have expanded beyond prevention to address broader needs.
  • A New Tool for Mental Health ProfessionalsExplore a newly launched mental health toolkit for FASD on their website.
  • Seeking Voices: The Family Advisory CommitteeLearn how you can contribute to FASD research by joining the Family Advisory Committee.
  • Navigating Challenges: Diagnosis and PolicyUncover the complexities of FASD diagnosis and the implications for policy-making.
  • FASD on the Global StageFind out about efforts to raise FASD awareness through the United Nations.
  • Toronto 2025: A Gathering of MindsGet a sneak peek at the upcoming Toronto FASD conference and its collaborative goals.
  • The Power of Collaboration Hear why combining research with real-life caregiver experiences is key to progress.
  • Your Voice Matters: Caregiver SurveyParticipate in a survey that helps shape FASD policies and support networks.

Share in the achievements and future aspirations of FASD advocates like Audrey by diving into the full episode and let us know your thoughts or what you are up to in your area. We can all be part of the change by engaging with initiatives that drive FASD research and policy.

Show Notes:

The Canada FASD Research Network

Mental Health Toolkit for Professionals

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