#143 Making Waves: A Step-by-Step Guide to Igniting FASD Advocacy in Your City

fasd success show Jan 29, 2024

Join us in an inspiring episode of The FASD Success Show, where host Jeff Noble is joined by Allan Mountford and Rochelle Howlett, pioneers in FASD advocacy from Nova Scotia. Their journey is a powerful narrative of resilience, collaboration, and the unstoppable force of community.


In this episode, Jeff, Allan, and Rochelle discuss:

  • Allan's Advocate Reawakening: Discover how Allan's unwavering passion for advocacy finds new life in Nova Scotia, inspiring us all that it's never too late to impact change.
  • Rochelle's Drive for Services: Learn from Rochelle's relentless pursuit to find and create support systems, proving how individual determination can lead to collective success.
  • The Synergy of Partnership: Witness the strength Allan and Rochelle gain by joining forces, showcasing the immense potential of collaborative advocacy.
  • Lessons in Sustaining Momentum: Explore how past advocacy experiences shape Allan and Rochelle's approach to maintaining their advocacy momentum and building a stronger future.
  • Engaging Government and Community: Understand the significance of engaging with government stakeholders and rallying community support through Allan and Rochelle's effective strategies.

Allan and Rochelle's story isn't just about hosting an event; it's about igniting a movement and inspiring others to take action in their communities. Tune in to Episode #143 of The FASD Success Show to be part of their empowering journey towards creating waves of change in the world of FASD.

Show Notes:

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