#150 From Edge of Collapse to Community Compass: Maryโ€™s Triumph Over FASD Adversity

fasd success show Mar 18, 2024

Welcome to a transformative episode of The FASD Success Show, where we delve into the heart-wrenching yet uplifting journey of resilience and community-building within the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) realm.

Mary’s journey began with the adoption of her son at birth. Her background in early childhood education and special needs allowed her to challenge the professionals that there was more to the alphabet soup diagnosis they had given her child. Undaunted, she reached out for community support and finally connected with an FASD informed practitioner that guided her family in the right direction. She felt a strong call to action and decided to combine her passion for advocacy, coaching and mentoring, and her desire to give back to others.

Life came full circle when she chose to partner with Caroline Johnson, the very first FASD informed professional that supported Mary & her family, in the creation of a new nonprofit organization, Harrison’s Hope to create positive sustainable change and improve the lives of those affected by FASD. A legacy for her son and a belief in a thriving future for those with FASD.

In this episode, experience the raw and genuine account of Mary’s battle against the odds, her transformative journey from near defeat to leading a revolutionary charge in the FASD community. This dialogue is woven with threads of determination, advocacy, and the creation of a robust community pillar, offering a panoramic view of the extraordinary impact that empathy, education, and proactive action can have. Prepare to be moved and motivated as we navigate the depths of Mary’s mission, revealing how with Caroline Harrison's Hope is reshaping the FASD support landscape, crafting a seamless tapestry of care, knowledge, and advocacy.

This episode is a celebration of the courage that springs from unity and the profound effects of turning personal challenges into a collective victory. After tuning in, you'll walk away with insights into:

  • Mary’s gripping journey from the brink of giving up to becoming a cornerstone in the FASD community.
  • The origin, aspirations, and objectives of Harrison’s Hope, and its comprehensive crusade for FASD advocacy.
  • Valuable lessons and strategies drawn from Mary’s experiences that can light the way for caregivers and professionals. 

Join us for an episode destined to enlighten, inspire, and mobilize the FASD community towards a deeper understanding, robust support, and proactive engagement. Subscribe now, immerse yourself in our heartfelt dialogue, and be an active participant in the movement driving change and fostering hope in the FASD landscape. 

Show Notes:

Explore the mission ofHarrison’s Hope and learn how you can be a part of this transformative initiative. 

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