#152 How to Live with Less Fear and Frustration about the Future

fasd success show Apr 14, 2024

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The FASD Success Show! In this episode, we are joined by Kim Driscoll, whose dual role as an adoptive mother and a professional in the field provides a unique and invaluable perspective on navigating the complex world of FASD and adoption.

Kim's journey is both heartfelt and instructional. It sheds light on the profound impact of adoption within the FASD community and the emotional and practical challenges it presents. From her personal story of adopting her son to her professional involvement with the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation, Kim illustrates the resilience and dedication required to support individuals with FASD.

In this episode Jeff and Kim discuss:

  • Understanding FASD in Adoption: Kim shares her deeply personal experiences of adopting her son, including the challenging decision to miss his 13th birthday to attend a crucial conference. Her story highlights the complex emotions and strategic decisions involved in FASD caregiving and adoption.
  • Symbol of Commitment and Love: A touching moment in Kim's journey was her purchase of a heart necklace on the day she learned of her son’s FASD diagnosis — a symbol of her unwavering commitment to love and support him through his challenges. This poignant anecdote underscores the emotional depth of caregiving.
  • Navigating Early Attachment and Stability: Kim discusses the instant bond her son felt with her, calling her 'mom' from their first meeting, and the subsequent realization of the stability he needed. This narrative resonates with many caregivers who face similar emotional dynamics.
  • Advocacy and Systemic Challenges: Kim’s advocacy extends beyond her family. She addresses the systemic hurdles in securing appropriate care and support for children with FASD, particularly the painful decision to separate siblings in the adoption process, reflecting on the need for systemic improvements.
  • Empathy and Community Connection: Her experiences underscore the importance of empathy, connection, and advocacy for children with FASD. Kim’s involvement in the community not only helps others but also reinforces her own family’s journey through shared experiences and collective support.

Kim's story is a powerful testament to the impact of dedicated caregiving and the transformative potential of informed advocacy. Her narrative provides crucial insights and strategies that can help caregivers navigate the complexities of FASD with greater confidence and understanding. This episode is a must-listen for anyone touched by FASD or involved in adoption. Kim’s insights offer hope and actionable advice for facing the challenges with resilience and informed action.

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